Beef Tasting and Dinner at Cicchetti

Steak tasting: Everybody’s doing it. You can do it on August 30.

By Jessica Voelker August 16, 2010

A prepped hunk of beef from Rain Shadow Meats.

Steak tasting. Everybody’s doing it. They’ll be doing it at Cicchetti come August 30.

Carrie Oliver of The Artisan Beef Institute will be steering (ooh, unintentional pun) the event. This is the text of her bio, from the Artisan Beef Institute website. “I created the concept of Artisan Meat and evaluate, rate, and create professional tasting notes for individual farms, ranches, and butcher teams. Some call me the Robert Parker of Meat, others Beef Geek.”

I had to read that twice, at first I thought she was saying she created the concept of artisan beef, which is a bit like inventing the internet. What she means is she invented the concept of the Artisan Beef Institute which treats beef like wine—evaluating (and appreciating) it based on where it grew, how long it was aged, what the cow ate, etc.

So here’s what happens. You make a reservation with Cicchetti (206-323-0807), you show up on August 30 at 6pm, you blind-taste beef while listening to Oliver and a panel of experts (Tracey Baker of The Gleason Ranch; Tracy Smaciarz of Heritage Meats; Dylan Giordan, Executive Chef at Serafina and Cicchetti; Nicole Aloni, food writer) discuss the ins-and-outs of your meat, you eat a three-course dinner with wine, and then you go home. This evening costs you $85. Enjoy.

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