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Le Gourmand Turns 25

Celebrate all summer with three courses for $45

By Kathryn Robinson July 7, 2010

Bruce and Sara Naftaly at Le Gourmand

Bruce Naftaly, one of the original culinary maestros in this town, not only invented Northwest Cuisine, he opened a restaurant on the ragged edge of Ballard that would become its most thrilling laboratory.

Twenty-five years ago Le Gourmand opened its doors. And now—one design overhaul, one new Parisian bar, and countless glorious French sauces later—Naftaly and his wife/business partner Sara Naftaly want to honor their loyal patrons with a special dinner deal.

Come for dinner Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday nights this summer and choose among Naftaly’s own favorite dishes to enjoy in three courses for just $45.

Dishes like his sheep’s milk blintzes. Wild steelhead with gooseberry-dill sauce. Sauteed rabbit with shiitakes and sage. His simple, stunning, flower-strewn salade composee.

This is a sensational deal folks. Run don’t walk. But first…call.

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