Five Seconds of Fame

Viral “Cut” Videos on YouTube Star Our Seattle Friends and Neighbors

Some discuss politics; others discuss kink. Together they provide swift mosaics about how we profile each other.

04/19/2021 By Erin Wong


Seattle's Best April Fools' Day Pranks

We absolutely need a Pike Place Market waterslide.

04/01/2021 By Zoe Sayler


The Best Seattle Versions of the Bernie Sanders Mittens Meme

Bernie’s Inauguration Day look landed the senator in a few well-known Seattle spots.

01/22/2021 By Zoe Sayler


Can a New Think Tank Rescue Us from the Misinformation Age?

The struggle against deepfakes, conspiracy theories, and all your relatives’ bad memes is real.

02/25/2020 By James Ross Gardner

Quote Unquote

David Mikkelson Sorts Fact from Fiction with

“News is kind of like housework. It’s not a finite task. It’s not something you finish.”

12/18/2018 By Jessica Voelker


PubliCalendar: Making the Most of Your Digital Reputation

Today's picks for civic nerds

07/09/2015 By Atoosa Moinzadeh


PubliCalendar: Nepal Benefit Concert at the Triple Door

Today's picks for civic nerds

07/08/2015 By Atoosa Moinzadeh


PubliCalendar: Meaningful Movie Presents 'Hillywood'

Today's picks for civic nerds

06/12/2015 By Atoosa Moinzadeh


Transit Movie Night and Build a Better Block

Today's picks for civic nerds

06/10/2015 By Atoosa Moinzadeh


PubliCalendar: Queer (In)Justice

Today's picks for civic nerds

02/27/2015 By Darren Davis and Atoosa Moinzadeh


PubliCalendar: Beware of the Internet

Today's picks for civic nerds

10/27/2014 By Darren Davis


PubliCalendar: Cascade Bicycle Club Wants to be Your Sherpa

Today's picks for civic nerds

10/22/2014 By Darren Davis


The Problem With Texting While Driving Isn't the Texting

The bad news in a UW study matches the good news elsewhere: People want 21st Century transportation options.

09/09/2013 By Josh Feit

Quote Unquote

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack Fights for Women in Tech

The cofounder of LadyCoders wants to even the playing field for female programmers.

01/23/2013 By Matthew Halverson


Disbanded: No Broadband Utility for Seattle

For years Seattle has welched on its promise to build a municipal broadband network. We may have Tacoma to blame—and thank—for that.

06/20/2012 By Matthew Halverson

Morning Fizz

"The Best Hearing Ever"

Wednesday Edition. Caffeinated News & Gossip.

04/04/2012 By Morning Fizz

Style Counsel

Back to School with Olivine

Talking to boutique owner Julie Wray about her newest virtual venture.

09/01/2011 By Saba Sulaiman

Wedding Wednesday

Cloud Storage, OneNote, and More for Weddings

Companies like MiMedia and Microsoft are catering their apps and tools to fit your big day.

08/17/2011 By Heather Fink


We Got Game

In October, the Internet buzzed with the news that Zynga—the San Francisco video game company responsible for FarmVille and Mafia Wars—will soon open a Seattle office. It’s only a matter of time before updates from these viral game titles start choking up

11/18/2010 By Matthew Halverson