Please! We deserve this!

Remember when local sketch comedy show Almost Live staged a faux news broadcast and announced on April Fools' Day, 1989, that the Space Needle collapsed?

Seattle, reasonably, flipped. But imagine what we'd do if someone had pulled that prank this year, after what we've been through—pier collapses, bridge closures, that whole pandemic situation. We're fragile! Thankfully, most of what's out there has been hilarious, wholesome, and, in some cases, a damn good idea. Here are some of our favorites.


Pike Place Market came up with the best Seattle tourist destination plan since... well, Pike Place Market.

Dick's Drive in revealed the most iconic pandemic pivot of all time with a branded bourbon, Ricardo Reserve 19. We kinda believed them until we clicked the link in their bio—but the actual boozy milkshake kit is also pretty great.


Angry Seattle—which usually tweets things like "I can’t wait to go back to a coffee shop maskless so people can see my whole face when I sneer at them because of their shitty over-complicated coffee order," went undercover as Smug Mercer Island. Don't give Bezos any ideas.

Edible cookie dough shop Sugar and Spoon released an iconic new flavor: cheeto dough. (No shame if you made something similar at home during quarantine.)

NFL MEmes cruelly tricked Chicago into believing Russell Wilson had been traded to the Bears. Nope, still ours.

Coffeeholic house's current special is, genuinely, covered in Cinnamon Toast Crunch—so when its fish sauce latte dropped, it was believable. Almost. We'd try it. 

King County Metro gave us the forever bus of every urbanist's fever dreams—an "infinity bus" that loops around all of downtown. The video is oddly soothing.

What's better than a Shake Shack burger? A Shake Shack burger with Hello Robin cookies for buns. Hey, it's been done with doughnuts.  

Seattle Weather Blog, we trusted you—this one is just cruel.

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