Last time Li'l Woody's did a one-week-only burger, it was this glorious behemoth, piled with Beecher's mac and cheese. Next week the two-location burger shop is partnering with a different local purveyor of starchy delights.

From February 17 to 23, both Li'l Woody's locations will sell this burger, an impressive feat of peanut butter, bacon, cheddar, and marshmallow creme—all sandwiched within a Top Pot doughnut. Top Pot is baking special batches of Bismarks (sans cream filling) to stand in for the burger bun.

This isn't the first time a Top Pot doughnut has met in congress with a beef patty; its sibling business Sun Liquor has occasionally dabbled in burger doughnuts. But those appearances were even more fleeting than this, and nowhere near as extreme.

When reached for highly official comment, owner Marcus Lalario described this creation as "fucking really good...unfortunately." He also mentioned anyone ordering this burger should plan on a sugar rush followed by an immediate need to nap. 


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