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By Darren Davis and Atoosa Moinzadeh February 27, 2015

For Today

Queering Justice: Examining the Criminalization of LGBTQ Communities  

In partnership with the UW School of Law’s annual Diversity Week series, a panel of activists, artists, and attorneys are gathering to discuss the ways in which LGBTQ folk are policed and criminalized in our justice system. With police misconduct on the rise at home and nationally, Queering Justice’s discussion on discrimination in housing, health care, and more during incarceration is timely.

Along with coauthor of Queer (In)Justice Andrea Ritchie’s keynote speech, the “unapologetically infinite” Donté "Da Queen" Johnson will perform spoken word. And attorneys Jenni Wong and Adrien Leavitt will talk about their work for the advancement of queer and trans justice. 

Refreshments will be provided throughout the packed four-hour series. Attendees are encouraged to register to ensure a seat.  

Queering Justice: Examining the Criminalization of LGBTQ Communities Fri, Feb 27, 12:30pm, UW Law School Rm 127, 4293 Memorial Way, Free with registration

For Sunday

Understanding Khilafat and ISIS

If you were to ask someone what "ISIS" is, they may be able to identify the group and its hand in daily attacks, killings, and general reign of terror. But the relationship between the group and the Muslim faith? That warrants a much more complicated answer. 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has put together a panel of government and law enforcement officials for a discussion on ISIS and how to stop terrorism. As the media focuses on extremism and terrorism, this panel will offer a critical perspective on how the idea of the  Khilafat (Caliphate) is different from what ISIS advocates.

Folks are encouraged to register online before the Understanding Khilafat and ISIS event or by email [email protected] or phone (206-851-0788). 

Understanding Khilafat and ISIS, Sun, Mar 1, 5:15pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, Free with registration

For Monday

Combating Tomorrow's Cybercrimes

For a lot of us, the infamous Sony hack is still in recent memory. We all remember the hack, which exposed embarrassing emails and personal details about some of the world's biggest movie stars, and the resultant cancellation of the release of a controversial comedy film, The Interview. I know, I know, you can stream The Interview on Netflix now. But the hack has been reputed as one of the most difficult and damaging episodes in recent Hollywood history. 

Cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman says that "these attacks aren’t limited to large corporations." Which means that Monday's panel on how society can guard itself from similar attacks would probably appeal to you, especially if you've got any embarrassing secrets you want to safeguard (you do). 

Combating Tomorrow's Cybercrimes, Mon, Mar 2, 7:30pm, Seattle Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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