Diamond Dawgs

You Should Be Watching the Washington Softball Team

The Huskies pulled off one of the sport’s biggest comebacks on Sunday. Now they’re playing for the College World Series.

05/25/2023 By Eric Nusbaum

Spare Change

What Happened to Defunding the Seattle Police Department?

The conversation has shifted since Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets in 2020.

03/21/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy

Hanami How-To

A Viewing Guide for the UW Cherry Blossoms

The quad at the University of Washington has your flower peeping covered. Plus, tips for parking and hanami how-tos.

03/09/2023 By Seattle Met Staff

Seattle Dining Guide

Where to Eat in the University District

Chase those cherry blossoms with pizza, noodles, ice cream, or biscuits.

03/09/2023 By Seattle Met Staff


The Endurance Trials of Rosalie Fish

The UW runner advocates for missing and murdered Indigenous women. But as her activism gains traction, she confronts new tests of her resilience.

01/18/2023 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Lindsey Wasson

Money Money Money

Seattle’s Cost of Living Is More Complicated than You Think

A University of Washington researcher created an alternative to the official poverty line nearly three decades ago. What does it reveal about what we need?

01/13/2023 By Angela Cabotaje

SAD News

A Sleep Scientist Says Permanent Daylight Saving Time Is a Bad Idea

University of Washington researcher Horacio de la Iglesia critiques the Sunshine Protection Act backed by Washington sen. Patty Murray.

10/27/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


Why Can't Washington Find More Dinosaur Fossils?

A decade ago, the state dug up a femur fragment of the "Suciasaurus." It hasn't found any fossilized dinosaur remains since.

09/20/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Made in WA

Who Gets to Invent?

A pro bono program at the University of Washington opens up the patent application process to everyone.

08/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Made in WA

6 Washington Ideas That Went National

From the $15 minimum wage to the modern shopping mall, we haven't been afraid to test our theories.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Seattle Met Staff

Made in WA

12 of Washington's Most Vital Medical Inventions

The Scribner shunt, Seattle Foot, and direct current defibrillator are just a few of the health essentials created in this state.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Angela Cabotaje and Seattle Met Staff


Gifts for Grads Entering the Workforce

Microsoft bluetooth headphones, fashionable work shoes, and commute essentials for recent grads entering the workforce.

06/06/2022 By Zoe Sayler


Gifts for Graduates Starting College or Grad School

A great, reasonably priced REI commuter bike, a high-tech smart notebook with classic appeal, and other university student essentials.

06/06/2022 By Zoe Sayler


Gifts for Grads Who Aren't Sure What's Next

Experience gifts, introspective books, and other no-pressure gifts to make the transition from school to whatever comes next a bit smoother.

06/03/2022 By Zoe Sayler


Gifts for Grads Moving to a New Place

Practical gifts like a cordless vacuum, a Welly first aid kit, and grown-up wine glasses from Estelle Colored Glass.

06/02/2022 By Zoe Sayler


Gifts for Grads Taking a Gap Year

Essentials for high school or college graduates taking time off from school, from a roomy Cotopaxi backpack to a personal safety alarm.

06/02/2022 By Zoe Sayler

Brain Buster

Is Mindfulness Always Such a Good Thing?

A University of Washington researcher's recent findings raise questions about when to apply the popular form of meditation.

04/20/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

News Wire

University of Washington Students Can Graduate In Person Again

At campuses in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell, the institution will hold in-real-life ceremonies for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

03/03/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Power Players

10 of Seattle's Most Influential Thinkers

Ijeoma Oluo, Robin DiAngelo, and Kate Starbird are among the academics, authors, and activists who shift our ideas.

12/09/2021 By Benjamin Cassidy and Sophie Grossman

Game Prep

A List of the Covid Vaccination Policies for Seattle Sports Teams

The latest attendance policies for Kraken, Mariners, OL Reign, Seahawks, Sounders, Storm, and University of Washington games.

09/10/2021 By Malia Alexander