Julie Wray’s class picture. Ha. Not really. “I love great style and I love it when women feel really great about something they bought,” says the Olivine owner, who invites oth

Remember when one of Ballard’s favorite boutiques morphed into a dotcom? Owner Julie Wray is definitely enjoying her decision to go digital—so much so that she recently announced Olivine Charm School, a sort of private academy on her blog.

Wray is targeting entrepreneurially inclined women looking for the lowdown on starting (and maintaining) a small business. Olivine Charm School’s first class starts on September 19 and runs for four weeks. Tuition is $97; a portion of proceeds go to Women for Women International.

Here, three questions for one of the style scene’s most successful women.

WWW: So, how will these online classes work?
JW: I wanted to create a place where a woman could go to find something fun and inspirational that was geared specifically towards her. Each lesson will consist of my little gems on each topic, as well as a worksheet, links to other articles and videos that will be helpful, and really good resources. Each week I will be interviewing someone that has an inspiring business. There will also be a Q & A each Friday where I will be answering as many questions as I can get to. This class will be a great starting point for someone that has always wanted to start a business, and it will also be inspiring to anyone that currently owns a business.

I have so many exciting classes in the works, and a couple local celebrities are going to come in and do some classes for Charm School as well (no, I can’t tell you who yet!) I can tell you that these are some topics that we have in the works: Finding your personal style, weight loss through glitter and high heels, writing your first book and getting it published, photography, getting pregnant, having a charmed pregnancy, manifesting your desires and more!

There’s a sense of passing it on from one enlightened being to the next. Who inspired you to start these classes? What were your favorite teachers like?
Regena Thomashauer (of Mama Gena’s) completely inspired me to go after all of my dreams, especially the ones that scared the #$%$ out of me! I also studied with Geneen Roth and Christiane Northrup, both of whom inspired me to work with women in the realms of health, body, fertility, and pregnancy. The most influential person though was probably Danielle Laporte. I had a couple of extremely powerful coaching sessions with her where I really got to the heart of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to achieve it. She is pure genius!

How do you personally keep learning and growing? Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn more about? What online class would you sign up for?
I take classes like crazy! I just finished a year at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I’m doing a weekend photography workshop in September and am off to New York in October for a weekend of women and business. If I’m not learning something, I feel so stagnant. I also try to surround myself with as many inspiring women as possible. I have met so many women over the years that are doing crazy amazing things. I try to get some of it to rub off on me!

I am waiting to find an online class about Photoshop that is sexy enough to keep my attention.

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