The Best Seattle Versions of the Bernie Sanders Mittens Meme

Bernie’s Inauguration Day look landed the senator in a few well-known Seattle spots.

By Zoe Sayler January 22, 2021

We'll meet you at the Comet Tavern, Bernie—the bar's reopening for business Friday, January 22 at 4pm.

Seattle loves Bernie Sanders. In the 2016 primaries, we donated more per capita to the presidential hopeful than any other major U.S. city; four years later in King County, the Vermont senator (nearly) beat out Joe Biden, who commanded the nation’s attention as he took office this week. 

But that unassuming democratic socialist, decked out for Inauguration Day in adorably oversized mittens and a wind-chilled wince, managed to outshine the new president himself in traditional post-ceremony memeing. Because even those who never felt the Bern can relate to strapping a mask on, sitting outside on a too-cold day, and trying to make the best of it. 

Here are some of our favorite local situations Bernie Sanders found himself in this week.

Whisked away from a Lacey Office Depot by Tim Eyman—the only politician whose chair escapades are more meme-worthy than Bernie's:


Kyle MacLachlan’s deep-cut reference to the Twin Peaks Log Lady: 


Waiting patiently for the Light Rail:


Shopping for the perfect sectional at Ballard Consignment:


Coaching Cookie’s Country Chicken on his catfish-catching skills:


Getting ready for his closeup on Coffeeholic House’s Vietnamese-coffee-fueled Instagram:


At the Seattle Public Library picking up his copy of The Nordic Theory of Everything:


Grabbing a whiskey shot and a Rainier tallboy from Comet Tavern (back open for booze and brunch this weekend):


Romancing the Olympic Peninsula's (least?) favorite vampire in Twilight's meadow scene:

First in line to nab a new pair of Likelihood kicks:


Slinging cocktails to-go at Bait Shop:


Canlis, where he made a Covid-era fashion statement at the only Seattle restaurant with a dress code:


Keeping an eye out for the Hermit Thrush with the folks at Seward Park Audubon:


At his first Kremwerk gig, DJing a set:


Reveling in the PNW’s natural beauty with the outdoorsy Rachel Jitabebe:


Perusing the collections at Frye Art Museum:


Wielding a baguette from Essential Baking Company. Same, Bernie. Same:

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