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Seattle native Kathryn Robinson, award-winning restaurant critic and senior writer at Seattle Met, has been anonymously reviewing restaurants for over 30 years—first as editor of the Best Places guidebook series, then as staff critic at Seattle Weekly and contributing critic at The Seattle Times and Seattle magazine. 

Midcareer she spent a year-long sabbatical studying comparative religion as a Knight Fellow at Stanford University where she had been an undergrad 10 years earlier, gaining a knowledge base she now calls upon for her monthly “Back Fence” column on our collective urban existence and the meaning it holds for our personal lives. In her off hours she is a partner and a parent—which means she has no off hours.

Back Fence

To BnB or Not to BnB

So you want to open a hotel in your house? Think. Hard.

02/02/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

What Is Northwest Cuisine, Anyway?

The answer at last.

02/01/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Eastern Exposure

The Influence of Asian Cuisines on Seattle Chefs Can't Be Overstated

The singularities of Asian cuisine—the umami, the funk, the fermentation—have become the vernacular of Seattle dining.

01/29/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Seattle Restaurants by the Numbers

Check out the, um, top 10.

01/28/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Dining Out

Restaurant Review: Eden Hill on Queen Anne

A young overachiever makes romance—and crispy pig head candy bars—atop Queen Anne.

01/27/2016 By Kathryn Robinson


Ernest Loves Agnes: Love, Italian Style

Papa’s unrequited love story fills a need Capitol Hill didn’t even know it had.

01/26/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

2 Ingredients Suddenly All Over Seattle Menus

Nice to meet you, black garlic and Saskatoon berries.

01/25/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

What’s Wrong with Tourist Restaurants?

Or: Should you dine at Orfeo?

01/21/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

The Diner’s Dilemma When Tip Is Included

With more restaurants tucking the gratuity into the bill, what to do when the service is lacking?

01/19/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Which Seattle Restaurant Made Eater’s National List?

For the second year in a row, no less.

01/14/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

A Few New Burgers

Of course you’re hungry for a burger. It’s January.

01/11/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Back Fence

Zen and the Art of Tidying

The real reason so many people love Marie Kondo.

01/08/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Comfort Zone

Restaurant Reviews: Heyday and Super Six

Two seasoned restaurant teams bring crispy, melty, intelligent dishes to the ’hood.

01/08/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Can We Talk About the Cookies at Mollusk?

Because Beet-Almond Meringue. Rosemary-Blue Cheese Shortbread.

01/07/2016 By Kathryn Robinson


Orfeo Descending

The tourists will eat there, but should you?

01/06/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Yes, Sutra Closed—But Harvest Beat Has Opened

That sound you hear? Collective sigh of relief from vegans across the region.

01/04/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

The 10 Defining Restaurant Moments of 2015

It was the year that was…and the most fascinating stuff happened in these moments.

12/30/2015 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Seattle’s Favorite Holiday Restaurant Traditions

These are from you, readers. May we bother you for more?

12/21/2015 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Looking for Quick Food Stops Near Holiday Shopping?

However did we know.

12/17/2015 By Kathryn Robinson