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Seattle native Kathryn Robinson, award-winning restaurant critic and senior writer at Seattle Met, has been anonymously reviewing restaurants for over 30 years—first as editor of the Best Places guidebook series, then as staff critic at Seattle Weekly and contributing critic at The Seattle Times and Seattle magazine. 

Midcareer she spent a year-long sabbatical studying comparative religion as a Knight Fellow at Stanford University where she had been an undergrad 10 years earlier, gaining a knowledge base she now calls upon for her monthly “Back Fence” column on our collective urban existence and the meaning it holds for our personal lives. In her off hours she is a partner and a parent—which means she has no off hours.

Critic's Notebook

Is It Rude to Dine with a Laptop?

The answer from a couple of Seattle’s most prolific restaurateurs might surprise you.

08/08/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Why Matt Dillon Didn’t Bring a Vitamix to Upper Bar Ferdinand

“I’m overwhelmed by the direction the world is going.”

08/04/2016 By Kathryn Robinson


Upper Bar Ferdinand Defies Expectations In The Best Possible Way

A hit of New York, by way of a Northwest meadow, Matt Dillon’s Chophouse Row wine bar actually highlights Japanese seafood.

08/03/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Seattle Restaurants That Named Their Neighborhoods

Can you name four?

08/01/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Which 2 Seattle Restaurants Showed Up on This National List?

Plus: Throwing a little gas on the age-old Portland vs. Seattle rivalry.

07/28/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Goodbye, Susan Kaufman

Serafina and Cicchetti owner left us too soon.

07/25/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

The James Beard Foundation Food Conference Looks Amazing This Year

Subject: Why do some trends last while others fizzle?

07/21/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Eat Here Now

What We're Eating Now: August 2016

This month’s favorites: crunchy salad, spicy noodles, and, wow—those crinkle-cut fries.

07/20/2016 By Allecia Vermillion and Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

The Fare Trade Lets You Subscribe to Your Favorite Chef

July’s flavor of the month? Seattle's own Josh Henderson.

07/18/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Back Fence

The Ugly Food Movement

Why it’s time to wrap our heads around unattractive food.

07/18/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Hey, Look Which Seattle Restaurants Have the Best Wine Lists

According to Wine Spectator’s 2016 Restaurant Awards

07/14/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Dino’s Tomato Pie Started Delivery Over the Weekend

Excellent news for anyone who’s ever tried to park there.

07/11/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Josh Henderson: “We’re in a Unique Moment Right Now in Seattle.”

What possesses a guy to open 9 restaurants in 7 months?

07/07/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Butter's Gotten Better in Seattle Restaurants

Check out who's whipping, who's house culturing, who's studding with chives.

07/05/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

These Seattle Restaurants Have Their Own Farms

And one of them has gotten bigger.

06/30/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Here’s Where to Find Great Grain Bowls in Seattle

Because they are having a moment.

06/27/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Best Restaurant in Seattle Goes Prix Fixe

This week Altura went $137 per person, folks.

06/23/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Local Food

The Food Lovers Guide 2016

Amazing food is all around us. Here’s how to get your hands on it.

06/22/2016 By Allecia Vermillion With Caroline Ferguson, Allison Williams, Kyle Kuhn, and Kathryn Robinson

Slightly Larger Uncle

Little Uncle Finds Its Happy Medium in Capitol Hill

The obsessively beloved Thai joint's new locale is worth a visit.

06/20/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Raw Halibut Is All Over Menus Now

Come with me to one Capitol Hill block.

06/20/2016 By Kathryn Robinson