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Probably you’ll be shopping this weekend, and possibly you'll need a break. You could consult the current Seattle Met’s selection of seven festive sit-down lunch spots, or my round-up from December, 2013 of the best eateries in the surrounding malls. (As ever with older stories, keep in mind that content may have shifted. Check in advance.)

Or you could click on last year’s March issue, in which we selected the best of the quickie downtown lunches with a nearly unabridged level of comprehensiveness, even for us. (What can I say…it was fun to research.) We even give you maps!

Remember, these aren’t destinations for special occasions. These are the pitstops—across downtown from Belltown to Pioneer Square, from Pike Place Market to South Lake Union—that do sandwiches and slices and noodle bowls and burritos and big buttery cookies in just the restorative way you’ll be needing during your shopping marathon…and do them well.

Because we only pick the best.

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