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What Is Northwest Cuisine, Anyway?

The answer at last.

By Kathryn Robinson February 1, 2016

William solo at kitchen gfusuq

William Belickis at MistralKitchen.

“A sea change has revolutionized fine dining around here in recent years—so gradually, those who eat out the most may have noticed it the least.”

Thus begins my piece on the biggest recent influence on Seattle high-end dining, in the brand-new February issue of Seattle Met.

This influence has been gradual, pervasive, and sweeping—discernible in restaurants from Art of the Table to MistralKitchen, Sitka and Spruce to Artusi. Around here it was pioneered earliest by the likes of Tom Douglas and Jerry Traunfeld, but it caught fire and got way past them in no time.

Most impressively, it’s the influence that many chefs call the root of that fabled genre, Northwest cuisine.

Pan-Latin? Modernist? Fusion? No, no, and hell no. Better click here.

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