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A mod shot of Italy in the heart of Pike/Pine, Artusi is Cascina Spinasse’s sister aperitivo bar; stocked to the nines with grappas and amari and the stuzzichini (“little nibbles”) to offset them. Artusi presents the occasional echo of next door—do not pass up the salsa tonnata, or tuna mayonnaise, in either house—but mostly stakes out territory that’s more minimalist and contemporary than Spinasse’s. If it’s on the menu, go for the tripe with bone marrow and black truffles, in which the tender braised tripe plays a pastalike role in a superrich sauce. Lively till late.

Meal Times
Dinner, Happy Hour, Late Night
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1535 14th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122
Capitol Hill  •  206-678-2516
Everyday 5pm–11pm