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Seattle Restaurants by the Numbers

Check out the, um, top 10.

By Kathryn Robinson January 28, 2016

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Sitting in the Monsoon and Ba Bar folks’ new spot, Seven Beef, got me wondering: How high could a person count using Seattle area restaurants for numbers?

Let’s see…Un Bien. (I never specified English numbers.) Two Doors Down. Three Girls Bakery. Four Seas. 5 Spot. Six Seven. Seven Beef. 8oz Burger. 9lb Hammer. Ten Mercer.

Shall we keep going?

Via Rosa 11. (It’s on Bainbridge. Sue me.) Seattle Seahawks 12 Club at the airport. (Okay, now I’m just brazenly Googling.) 13 Coins. 14 Carrot Café. Nothing 15 unless you want to count minimum wage. But there is Sur 16, the newish Mexican street food joint on 15th. (Which really should’ve made it Sur 15, but now I’m just being a brat.)

And that taps me out, darn it…would’ve been so cool to hit RN74.

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