Editor at Large

James Ross Gardner is the former editor in chief of Seattle Met. During his time as top editor the magazine won numerous awards, including the national City and Regional Magazine Association's award for general excellence, twice (in 2015 and 2018). While at Seattle Met, James's writing has garnered 14 first place awards from the regional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and has been a finalist for seven national CRMA awards. His work has also appeared in Esquire, GQ, and The New York Times, among others. He lives in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood.


It Might Get Loud

How CenturyLink Field became the noisiest stadium in the NFL.

09/03/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Right Now

Canon Has a Patio

And it's open tonight.

08/21/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Distillery Report

Sun Liquor Has Produced a Rum

And hardly anyone knows it yet.

08/13/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Seasonal Beers

Redhook Thinks Your Clinging to the Last Few Weeks of Summer is Cute

The brewery's cinnamon-, nutmeg-, and ginger-flavored porter screams fall.

08/06/2013 By James Ross Gardner


Killing Me Falsely

A modern tale of life, death, and morbid Google searches.

08/01/2013 By James Ross Gardner


The DeLuxe Bar and Grill is 50

The bar at Broadway and Roy celebrates its history with beer and $1.99 burgers.

07/30/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

'The Killing' Episode 10: Salisbury Steak Is Not Steak

Seward awaits his hour of reckoning. Holder ruins a perfectly good 12 pack.

07/29/2013 By James Ross Gardner


A Farewell to Sauced

Our booze blog fades to black. But its spirit isn't going away.

07/23/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

'The Killing' Episode 9: Inside Men

The taxi driver gets caught. The detectives find Bullet. And Riddick gets a beating.

07/22/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

‘The Killing’ Episode 8: Linden and Pastor Mike’s Mild Ride

We didn’t get any closer to finding the killer last night, but it may be time to start looking at suspects inside the investigation.

07/15/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

'The Killing' Episode 7: Pastor Mike, with the knife

...or was that Linden's frustrated young ex wielding the blade?

07/08/2013 By James Ross Gardner


Presidential Pils Could Have Been Ironic

Two Beers Brewery's foray into pilsner is a beer we can't wait to try

07/01/2013 With James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

'The Killing' Episode 6: The Bad Shepherd

Holder drops some science. And a new lead sends the detectives to church.

07/01/2013 By James Ross Gardner


The Pot Czar Is Worried About You

Can Mark Kleiman thwart the rise of Big Cannabis?

07/01/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

'The Killing' Episode 5: Serenity Now

Canadian cameos continue to abound. And everyone but the audience thinks Joe Mills is the killer.

06/24/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Booze on Film

‘Hey Bartender’ Celebrates Craft Cocktails, Just Not The Craft Cocktails Made in Seattle

The new doc lacks West Coast love but makes up for it with compelling story lines.

06/18/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

‘The Killing,’ Episode 4: The Chronicles of Reddick

Everyone’s forming alliances, and most are paying a price.

06/17/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

‘The Killing,’ Episode 3: Skeletons and the Big Noise

Sarah Linden is unstoppable. Seward gets under the guards’ skin, and his own.

06/10/2013 By James Ross Gardner

TV Recap

'The Killing' Season Premiere: The Kids Aren't Alright

The Seattle-set murder mystery is back with less rain, higher body count.

06/03/2013 By James Ross Gardner


An Oral History of ‘Almost Live’

From Bill Nye the Science Guy to the day the Space Needle collapsed, we recall 15 years of trials and triumphs on the set of Seattle’s Saturday Night Live.

05/17/2013 By Matthew Halverson, James Ross Gardner, Laura Dannen, and Cassie Callan