The patio in question. Image totally ripped straight from Canon's Facebook page.

Patio space at Seattle bars and restaurants in the summer transforms even the kindest among us into covetous wretches. A finite amount of such space plus a seemingly infinite number of people who crave basking in the short-sleeves weather—before the sun foresakes us for another, oh, 300 days—equals a lot of seat envy. 

Don't expect the new patio at Canon to help keep the peace. We're talking, after all, about the bar with the World’s Best Drink Selection, a place where patrons already death-stare their fellow man over a seat in boring old indoors. We’d heard rumors of a "hidden patio" at the 12th Ave cocktail bar for weeks, and even spied an image of it on Facebook. We finally caught up with co-owner and bar manager Jamie Boudreau to find out what the deal is.

The patio opened in June. And it's only available Wednesday through Saturday, and only when it’s sunny out, from 5:30pm until it gets too cold. "It can be difficult to get a seat," Boudreau says. "There are only four tables and the most it can comfortably seat at this stage is 14, but we hope to almost double that by next spring." Score a spot, and you're surrounded by flowers and herbs and buffered from the din of the bustling bar.

And the patio’s diminutive size, Boudreau says, causes imbibers from separate tables "to quickly become friends.”


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