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Sun Liquor Has Produced a Rum

And hardly anyone knows it yet.

By James Ross Gardner August 13, 2013

Sun Liquor Distillery's Sun Rum comes in silver and barrel aged.

UPDATE: Earlier the headline and first sentence of this post stated that Sun Rum was the first rum in the state. We've since learned that 3 Howls in SoDo had its white rum available for tasting and for sale at the Proof Washington Distillers Festival back in June.


Sun Rum, Washington State's first rum one of Washington State's first rums—from Capitol Hill distillery Sun Liquor—entered the market with a whisper last week. Distiller and barman Erik Chapman says a big fancy rollout would have been great, but the Pike Street spirits monger has been slammed all summer.

So instead he gingerly walked a bottle or two down the street to Seattle’s cathedral of rum. Rumba's "Connor [O’Brien] and Kate [Perry] have amazing palates and I’ve kind of been working with them in the bar scene for the last 10 years," says Chapman.

"And so I thought it would be fun to have Connor come up and try some of the blendings we were doing a few months ago. He was into that. And I made sure they had bottles even before either one of the Sun Liquors did."

Chapman made a white rum, perfect for Mai Tais and the like, and a barrel-aged version, both now available at QFC, Met Market, Whole Foods, both Sun Liquor locations, various craft cocktail bars, and, of course Rumba.


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