Dining Events

Where to Eat and Drink February 27–March 5

The week in which: We sip amaro before lunch, drink to a notorious Seattle legend, and raise a fork for Fat Tuesday.

02/27/2019 By Haley Gray

Distillery Report

Sun Liquor Has Produced a Rum

And hardly anyone knows it yet.

08/13/2013 By James Ross Gardner

Booze 101

Rum Tasting at Oliver’s Lounge

A cocktail class geared towards the less serious set.


Boozy Dinners

Spirit Dinners (Under $100!) at Spur and Daniel’s Broiler

Whiskey or rum? Pick your poison at one of two upcoming cocktail-pairing feasts.



Distillery Report: Rum-making operation to Open in Enumclaw

RNR Distilling will offer four sorts of spirit and a buccolic experience that recalls the "old Seattle."


Behind the bar

Five Questions for the Bartender: Erik Carlson

The mystery man behind the bar in Ballard is making some of the most innovative drinks in town.