A barn

Gary Whisler of RNR Distilling makes whiskey—he says his recipe comes from an Appalachian uncle named Eli—vodka, rum (white, but he’ll be aging some too), and a pomegranate brandy created with fruit from a family orchard in Nevada.

Whisler grew up in Seattle, and misses the old town—"real Seattle not real estate Seattle," as he puts it. He says Enumclaw still has some of the relaxed spirit he remembers from his Seattle youth, and he wants to capture that feeling in the barn he is converting into a tasting room. He envisions people coming to hang out and taste the spirits while they soak up the rural surroundings. He’ll invite musicians and artists to entertain and delight them. It’ll be a party. The distillery will be open to visitors at 10am most days. "I’ll be in the back making my mash," says Whisler. He says he’ll stay open as late as he’s allowed.

RNR will produce about 20,000 gallons of booze annually, Whisler hopes to be up and running by September 1.

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