Boozy Dinners

Spirit Dinners (Under $100!) at Spur and Daniel’s Broiler

Whiskey or rum? Pick your poison at one of two upcoming cocktail-pairing feasts.

March 7, 2011

Spur hosts a whiskey dinner this Wednesday.

Photo courtesy: Spur Seattle

I daresay we’re starting to see more cocktail-pairing dinners around Seattle, though Spur and Daniel’s Broiler have been in the game from the get-go.

Spur’s next boozy repast happens this Wednesday, March 9 and features whiskey cocktails from some of our city’s celebrated bartenders. You’ve got your Phillip Thompson from Tavern Law, your Bryn Lundstrom Lumsden of Rob Roy. Charles Veitch from Bastille will make a drink, as will Adam Freem of Bathtub Gin just across the street.

These will be their base spirits: Oban 14 single-malt scotch, Bushmill’s Black Bush Irish whiskey, Crown Royal Reserve from our neighbors to the North in Canada, Bulleit bourbon, and Dickel 12 year from Tennessee.

This is what you’ll eat with your cocktails: Kusshi Oysters; duck terrine; smoked cavatelli with razor clams, cashews, and grana padano; porchetta with cabbage, apricots, and chantarelles; and an orange blossom panna cotta.

This is what it will cost you: $80 per person. That’s a good value since the drinks alone would run about $50 at a cocktail bar.

Call Spur to reserve.

On Tuesday, March 29, Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union has planned a rum dinner. Rum obsessive Rocky Yeh will speak along with Dragos Axinte, who runs the Novo Fogo cachaca company from Bellevue, though the distillery is in Brazil.

Presumably, you’ll be drinking Novo Fogo’s aged and uaged cachacas. Other stuff on sample: Dos Maderas, Rhum Clement, Creole Shrubb liqueur, and Ron Zacapa 23.

Daniel’s Broiler chef Mike Hillyer cooks, a call into the restaurant revealed that he’s still working on the menu but the price has been set at $85.

Call 425-990-6310 to reserve.

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