Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter, available now through September 30, comes in six and 12 packs, and individual 22-ounce bottles. The gnawing sense of the current season quickly dwindling sold separately.

We feel your pain: The anxiety triggered at the sight of in-store Christmas decorations the day after Halloween, or Valentine’s chocolates in early January. Now with 48 days of summer left comes Redhook Brewery’s Out of Your Guard Pumpkin Porter, which the brewers call “perfect for all things fall—eating turkey, watching football or drinking with your buddies around a bonfire.”

We felt the full-frontal assault of this seasonal acceleration disorder yesterday, when Redhook released the new brew (available through September 30). One of the squat dark bottles sat before us, the blood-orange label stamped with the silhouette of The Headless Horseman balancing a jack-o-lantern in his palm. The feeling was Easter-Peeps-in-February times 10. Where had summer gone?

Then we popped the blood-orange cap, got a hit of Pumpkin Porter’s cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and something strange happened. We were still going to carve out time for one or two more beach visits, sure. But, and maybe this was the porter's 5.8 percent alcohol beginning to work its magic, we felt something close to okay with it being the tail end of summer.

We remembered how much we love fall in Seattle. The leaves. The crisp dip in temperature. The foolish, giddy hope invested in a new Seahawks season. And, yes, the beer.



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