Redhook's Winterhook Ale: If your parents hadn't had some you might not exist to read this caption.

1984. The year that cannot be uttered without conjuring dystopic police states, ads evoking dystopic police states, and the second dose of the Reagan Administration.

It was also the year a little brewery that started in a Ballard transmission shop made its first winter ale, an early installment in the yet-to-be-feted craft beer movement—dark in color, heavy on the tannins, and a sessionable alcohol content perfect for lounging in front of the fire. 

Things that have been around as long as Winterhook Ale, which Redhook Brewery just released for the 29th consecutive year:


The Karate Kid

Scarlett Johansson

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A.

This guy


Not this

Purple Rain

And, as it has every year of the life of Katy Perry (another member of the 29 club), Redhook created an all new recipe for Winterhook. This time around you'll taste a brew with rye malt and Centennial hops—a touch spicy, very roasted—for a beer that clocks in at 6 percent alcohol by volume.

Find it QFC, Trader Joe's, Safeway





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