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Merry National Doughnut Day to You

Real holiday or not, bookend this week with some glazed goods.

By Rosin Saez June 2, 2017

Might o r1sdeo

These doughnuts be mighty.

Not that you should need a faux holiday to grab a baker's dozen of your favorite doughnuts, but hey, if you did then today's the day. Here are some places to do just that, and if you needed any more motivation (if so, who are you?) then right this way to a video of 9 Dang-Good Doughnuts Around Seattle.

Without further ado...

Mighty-O Donuts

Yes, these doughnuts are vegan (and organic, and free of preservatives, trans fats, artificial colors or flavors, and cholesterol). But to focus on that stuff is to undermine how freaking wonderful they are. The French toast doughnut is at once both simple and life-changing.

Ly's Donuts

Doughnuts and fritters are served at this family-owned shop in the U-District, and many a UW student can attest to the necessity of a late-night doughnut run.

Top Pot Doughnuts

In Seattle, what do people with piercings, diaper bags, blue hair, briefcases, bike shorts, Republican Party memberships, and On the Boards season tickets have in common? They all join hands and sing “Kumbaya” before Top Pot, the hip little Capitol Hill doughnut shop that has grown to a whole lot of retail outlets. Why all the love? Exceptional doughnuts, crafted of real ingredients, decorated into joyful little parties (try the Pink Feather Boa), and served with really fine coffee. Simply the biggest jones in town.

Aurora Donuts

In a former life 15 years ago, it was a Dunkin’ Donuts, hence the familiar looking signage with a pink, sprinkle-adorned doughnut. But today, this bakeshop situated in the northern reaches of the city, fries its own doughy creations: honey-glazed doughnut holes, chocolate topped with chopped peanut, even a pleasantly crunchy, plain old-fashioned.

General Porpoise

Smitten by the fried dough at St. John in London, Renee Erickson’s Capitol Hill cafe has created custard and cream-filled doughnuts in its image. The lemon curd is an especially bright and citrusy reminder that fried things can be wonderfully light and airy.


The doughnut sensation of the decade just might be this little sleeper from Mill Creek, which expanded to Bellevue, Everett, and soon South Lake Union. Thank heavens for that. In recent years Frost has expanded into macarons and individual cakes (both sporting the same exuberance in flavor as the doughnut brethren) and even lunch soups and sandwiches at the Everett and Bellevue locations.

Rodeo Donut

Inside Cupcake Royale, beyond its usual repertoire of baked goods and ice cream, find brioche-based doughnuts, upon which rich glazes cascade: the likes of blackberry balsamic, ghost pepper passion fruit, and dark chocolate topped with chocolate covered crispy “caviar” among them.

Dona Queen Donuts and Deli

Down in SoDo, among industrial warehouses and fast food chains, is this unassuming storefront that serves spicy pork bulgogi alongside apple- or lemon- or blueberry-filled doughnuts; a harmonious, if proletarian, combo.

FoodArt Collection

Currently a gallery of doughnuts grace the walls inside Capitol Hill's Cupcake Royale...the non-edible variety, that is. You eat with your eyes first, as they say. Soft, acrylic-created doughnuts topped with sprinkles are framed and hung beside glossier, large-scale chocolate glazed old-fashioned doughnuts. These indelible images are up for just two more days.

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