Quinns burger w42obz

Quinn's $30 Ultra Burger.

Image: Andrew Waits

Secret Vegan Sundae at Molly Moon’s

There wasn’t room on the chalkboard menus to list this dairy-free coconut triumph beneath a thick layer of magic chocolate shell, a scattering of candied hazelnuts and a crown of cloud-light whipped cream made with coconut milk. Thus the Molly’s Favorite Vegan sundae became the ice cream chainlet’s first off-menu item. Ask for it at any of the seven locations; the staff will know what you mean. mollymoon.com

Scandinavian Cafe at Old Ballard Liquor Co. 

One of Ballard’s last bastions of Nordic food hides within the most prosaic of spaces—a no-frills aquavit distillery in the industrial zone along the ship canal. The menu’s small and there’s just one long table, but the boards of charcuterie and herring, open-face sandwich of juniper-smoked lamb, and cardamom bread pudding are the loveliest fare ever to be served in the company of a tool-strewn workbench. All those taster-size aquavit cocktails don’t hurt, either. oldballardliquorco.com

Old ballard liquor bsf7uv

Old Ballard Liquor Co.

Image: Andrew Waits

Quinn’s Comically Enormous Burger

The $30 Ultra Burger isn’t on the menu, but ask and you shall receive: The kitchen will augment the already superlative bacon-cheddar burger with whatever it’s feeling that night (foie gras and glazed oxtail, or a pork belly and pickled cauliflower and green beans), capped off with a fried duck egg. Somebody ordering an Ultra Burger 15 minutes later could get an entirely different combo. Just to drive home the decadence, there’s a side of foie gras poutine. quinnspubseattle.com

Three-Course Lunch at Il Corvo Pasta Studio

Three blocks away from Il Corvo’s crowds, Mike Easton’s serene sibling pasta shop quietly serves a $30 (base price), three-course weekday lunch at the 12-seat slab behind the counter. If you can’t find a dozen friends with two hours to spare, pasta lieutenant Jake Vorono will Tetris smaller parties together to fill the seats. The key is calling ahead; lunch here is a planned endeavor, not a way to shortcut the line at Il Corvo. ilcorvopasta.com

Poke at 45th Ave Stop and Shop

It’s your typical mini mart. Except just beyond the Marlboro display, two guys crank out bowls of Hawaii’s staple raw fish salad: generous cuts of salmon and tuna dressed with a full complement of seaweed, rice, pickles, edamame, roe, and imitation crab salad. It’s not so much a secret as a reflection of how actual Hawaiians buy poke back home—from random counters in little markets. And, just like on the islands, the poke’s damn good. 2323 N 45th St, Wallingford, 206-708-1882

Beer, Golf, and Tacos at Flatstick Pub 

Seattle’s newest mini golf course isn’t trying to hide, per se, but when you plunge nine holes, 36 Washington beer and cider taps, and one replica Space Needle belowground in the heart of Pioneer Square, it’s bound to feel like a covert clubhouse. Factor in the new food menu— Austin-style queso and tacos filled with slow-braised meats from Manu’s Bodega chef Manu Alfau—and Flatstick becomes the most bragworthy secret in town. flatstickpub.com

Flatstick pub cziudr

Flatstick Pub.

Image: Andrew Waits


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