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Yang and Chirchi Go to Portland

It’s called Revelry, and it opens Tuesday.

By Kathryn Robinson August 11, 2016

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Left: Dan dan noodles with smoky pork, chili oil, housemade Sichuan noodles, collard greens, and pickled Chinese okra. Right: Spicy fried chicken with peanut brittle.

Wife-husband restaurateurs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi have brought inspired and careful Korean-sparked innovation to their three Seattle stunners Joule, Revel, and Trove.

Now, as food editor Allecia Vermillion reported last March, they’re bringing it to Portland. Interestingly, Yang and Chirchi began their Seattle run when Portland expat restaurateur Tom Hurley lured them out of New York to run his Madrona high-ender, Coupage. Its short run led to their first solo venture, the original Joule in Wallingford. Now, three restaurants later, they’re bringing their patented culinary off-road verve to Portland, in a spot they’re calling Revelry.

My counterpart Karen Brooks at our sibling to the south, Portland Monthly, got the details, opining that “this creative, technically dialed duo seem born for Portland,” and calling their menu a “bad-ass, comfort-loving, ingredient-obsessed list.”

And no, that wasn’t a spoiler, badass comfort with an ingredient obsession being more or less the Yang-Chirchi calling card. Read Brooks’s preview...then get Airbnb on the phone, stat. Revelry opens August 16.

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