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This Week in Restaurant News: Seattle By Way of Hawaii and New Jersey

A well-known Hawaiian chef comes to town, Delancey announces a New Jersey–style sibling, and Ethan Stowell names his upcoming Four Seasons restaurant.

By Jeanny Rhee May 15, 2015

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Recipe testing for Dino's Tomato Pie. Photo by Cody Perez, via @delanceyseattle/instagram.


Piroshky Piroshky at the Columbia Center
Pike Place's pastry-pie shop is planning a third location (the second is in Northgate) in the Columbia Center. Opening day is Tuesday, May 26; the shop will celebrate by offering free piroshky from 11am to 1pm that day at the new downtown location.  

Ethan Stowell's Goldfinch Tavern
That's the official name of the new Northwest restaurant the chef is opening at the Four Seasons. The 115-seater is due to open in June, and takes its name from Washington's state bird.

Frēllard Pizza Company
Speaking of Stowell's expansion, the family-friendly pizzeria is scheduled to open around the same time as Goldfinch Tavern next to Tray Kitchen per Eater. Perks? Beer garden-style deck, 50 seats inside and out, kids' play area, and delivery service from 5 to 10pm. 

Carlile Room
Tom Douglas's new restaurant (named after his favorite singer Brandi Carlile) is scheduled to open July 1, says Eater, right across from the Paramount. More on Douglas's pending plans here on Nosh Pit. 

Prolific Hawaiian chef DK Kodama is opening his first stateside restaurant, also next to the Paramount Theatre, this fall. Read about Kodama's culinary talents, history and more on Nosh Pit. 

Dino's Tomato Pie
Brandon Pettit, owner of Ballard's bustling cocktail bar Essex and pizza hub Delancey, has plans to expand to Capitol Hill. They involve square, thick-crust "trashy" (East Coast, Jersey-style) pizza. More details and pizza talk right this way on Nosh Pit. 

Big Mario's
The Capitol Hill pizzeria will open a second location in lower Queen Anne in early fall. Owners David Meinert and Jason Lajeunesse (the guys behind Lost Lake Cafe, the Comet Tavern, Grim's, and the new Italian restaurant destined for the old Kingfish space) and business partner Mike McConnell say more details to come about the space and menu. 

Toby Matasar, a four-year pastry veteran of Tom Douglas Restaurants, is slated to open a "100 percent dedicated" gluten-free cafe and bakery on Capitol Hill by the end of June per the Capitol Hill Seattle blog. The GF menu includes croque madames (ham, Swiss and bechamel on baguette), toast and waffles with glorified toppings (candied bacon and smashed avocado), chopped salads, paninis, and breakfast served all day. 

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