Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

Podcaster Jameson Fink has been swilling, tasting, and writing about wine for nearly a decade. In fact, Saveur Magazine recently nominated his blog, Wine Without Worry, in the best beer and wine blog category. Though he has an admitted penchant for rosés, Fink recommends a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc for this week, and wait till you see the price. 

So I must ask: Jameson Fink, what should I drink tonight?

I love zesty Sauvignon Blancs from Chile. When it comes to both slaking thirst and saving cash, these white wines are hard to beat. A particular favorite is the Viu Manent. The back label demurely states, "ready to drink now," but I'd bold and italicize the "now," toss in some gratuitous exclamation points, and maybe even a few emoji. It's fantastic with seafood and vegetables, and it's probably the first bottle from the 2013 vintage you'll drink.

The Price: $7

Find it: Broadway Market QFC, Central Co-op, West Seattle Thriftway


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