Wherein we ask local wine notables to make our weeknight drinking decisions for us.

Image: Fall Line Winery

In addition to founding Wine Folly—a wine culture website that helps “wine geeks drink”—Madeline Puckette is a Court of Masters-certified sommelier. You can also find her dishing about her favorite bottles on Twitter. For this week’s warming summer evenings, we asked Puckette for a recommendation. What do you think, Madeline?

I just figured out how to barbecue pizza and now that I know how easy it is, I can't believe I didn't try it before. And the ideal red wine with barbecue? Tempranillo. Washington State has a few passionate producers of Tempranillo and one of these wineries, Fall Line Winery, makes El Otro, which is a full-bodied wine with classic black cherry and white pepper flavors with smooth tannins. I love El Otro with barbecue because it makes the fruit flavors in this wine pop out. Give it about 30 minutes of decanting and you'll be surprised how much this wine opens up. If you drink it before the 30 minutes is up, I don't blame you for being thirsty.  

Price: $25

Find it: Metropolitan Market Uptown, Fall Line Winery, Wine World & Spirits, Local 360



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