Ask A.J. Rathbun where to drink in Seattle. Image via

There’s an app for everything, as the overly used marketing slogan goes. But here are a few local ones designed for your dining and drinking pleasure. Also, we've got three local food and drink–related podcasts for those of us who like to rock the headphones at work. Warning: listening to people talk about food all day usually ends with extreme cravings and a binge of some sort.

The Apps

Drink Seattle App
A.J. Rathbun is a Seattle cocktail god, if there is such a thing. His huge body of work, from his award-winning book Good Spirits to his personal blog Spiked Punch, includes a plethora of recipes and recommendations on booze. In the Drink Seattle App, Rathbun is your guide to the spirit scene in our city, specifically the bars he likes and what you might order there. From the classiest joint to the dive up the street, he’ll lead you to the right watering hole. The app is available for $1.99 on iTunes.

Chefs Feed App
This app for iPhone takes the classic “I’ll have what they’re having” request to the next level. More than 750 well-known chefs weigh in on their favorite dishes in 20 cities around the country. The line up includes plenty of Top Chef alumni, but also a lot of Seattle favorites, too, like Jason Stratton of Spinasse and Mark Fuller of Ma’Ono. And it's free on iTunes. For more info, check out the Chefs Feed website.

The Podcasts

Seattle Kitchen Radio Show
Thierry Rautureau and Tom Douglas are just the best of buds. On their weekly talk radio show, the endearingly goofy culinary power couple (Tomierry? Rautlas?) offer up food history lessons, an ingredient of the week, and cooking tips. And not without some almost-swears and chef jokes. Tune in on Saturdays from 2 to 4pm on KIRO, or get the podcast version and check out past shows, here

Wine Without Worry Podcast
Jameson Fink, wine expert and blogger, has moved into the realm of podcasts. He’s covered topics including Champagne 101 and the biodynamic method of wine production. Fink brings interesting and unusual tips to the table, listen in and you might just learn something. It airs a few times monthly, but check out archives here.

Closed For Logging Podcast
Matthew Amster-Burton is a dorkily hilarious Seattle food writer. Becky Selengut is a private chef, seafood cookbook author, and possessor of a delightfully foulmouthed sense of humor. Together they host the Closed For Logging podcast. They cover all sorts of Seattlecentric topics, but food does play a large part in both of their lives. Listen for personal stories, chef interviews, and clever banter. Episodes are available on iTunes.    

Spilled Milk Podcast
Matthew Amster-Burton is apparently a podcaster extraordinaire; he also cohosts Spilled Milk with Molly Wizenberg, covering topics ranging from croissants to bitter greens to puffy, cheesy processed snacks. The corny, pun-filled tangents are endearing, the discussion generally packs a bit of education, and the recipes are posted online. It's free on iTunes.