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The Week in Five Bites, from Tom Douglas's West Wing Menu to a Chengdu Sensation

Plus, doughnuts, beer, and wings (though sadly not in the same place).

By Allecia Vermillion October 12, 2020

Democracy requires mac and cheese.

T-Doug Does The West Wing

It’s good to see pandemic madness hasn’t dampened the Tom Douglas’s team’s zest for goofy wordplay. Douglas and his peeps at their Ballard warehouse kitchen have devised a West Wing–themed dinner box for two, in honor of getting out the vote, but also the cast reunion show scheduled for October 15 on HBO. Begrudging applause to whomever came up with the menu: CJ Creggs and Bacon, a Pa-Leo McGarry steak salad, West(land) Whiskey wings, PotoMac and cheese, and a Jed Bartlett pear tart. What, no Hoagie Ziegler? To drink, a Josh “Lyman the Coconut” cocktail and a vote-themed Jones cream soda. Preorder Wednesday through Sunday until October 25.

All Hail Chengdu Taste

Fans consider this Sichuan restaurant one of the best in the Los Angeles area (a crowded field, for sure). Now Seattle has its very own location, in the redeveloped Publix building in the heart of Chinatown–International District. The restaurant opened very softly for takeout over the weekend and by all accounts it was madness thanks to the onslaught of people. I’ll be waiting a minute to get here, but can’t wait to get after some toothpick lamb and boiled fish in green pepper sauce.

Don't Sleep on Soul Shack

High on my agenda this week: Go eat at Soul Shack on Da Hill. CHS has the full rundown on the former coffee kiosk on Broadway that now puts out nachos, sambusas, wings (proper spelling: wangz) and a variety of turbocharged hot dogs. I’ve heard from several trusted sources that the food is great, all the better because it emanates from the old DreamBoyz location.

Here Today...Next Year

Chris Elford put out a status update on Here Today, the brewpub project next to the old Old Spaghetti Factory that's a big deal for various reasons: 1. Elford's singular talent with beer over at No Anchor. 2. A waterfront "neo-tropical" brewpub with a big, view-riffic patio. Elford and work/life partner Anu Apte are once again moving forward and have brought on a new head brewer. Mario Cortes is an alum of Oskar Blues and San Francisco's Woods Beer Co. They've kicked off fundraising and set a new target date; see you on the patio in summer 2021.

New Doughnut Alert

The Flour Box, a new doughnut shop and bakery, has transformed the old Big Chickie space at 5520 Rainier Ave S and is now open for pre-orders (no walk-ins just yet). Wrap your head around the current preorder process, and plan accordingly for owner Pamela Vuong's brioche doughnuts, chocolate and salted peanut butter cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls.

Side Dish

Great State Burger has a new Ballard outpost, in the former Volterra space at 5411 Ballard Ave NW.

I'm irrationally happy Eden Hill is back open for tasting menus; owners Max and Jennifer Petty have been pretty candid on the social medias that they were unsure of their original restaurant's fate.

Who has matriculated to Canlis Community College?

Writing a Best New Restaurants list is pretty weird in this era—but I did it anyway.

A giant guide to Woodinville wineries.

An even more giant guide to Walla Walla.


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