Heather Earnhardt and Mike Law. I mean, come on. That's adorable.

 Michael Law is the guy who makes the stupendous fried chicken and other southern fare at Wandering Goose. Heather Earnhardt's pastries surely drove the buzz surrounding the Goose's opening (and I can't seem to get out of that place without buying a slice of cake) but Law's grits and biscuit sandwiches and po'boys keep those tables full all day long.

Now Law is planning to strike out on his own (well, with Mike McConnell of Via Tribunali/Caffe Vita/many other things as a business partner); he'll open a restaurant called Bourbon and Bones this summer at 4350 Leary Way NW, most recently the home of Anita's Crepes.

As the name might suggest, this place will be all about whiskey and fried chicken. Law's a North Carolina native who honed his chicken-frying talents at the Front Porch, a Southern restaurant in San Francisco's Mission district. He marinates his chicken in lemon, thyme, cayenne, and garlic to give it a bright, citrusy southern character (he points out that Ma'ono, another den of fried chicken and whiskey, takes an Asian approach). Thanks to two years living in New Orleans and working as John Besh's sous chef at Artesia, the man knows his way around that region's specialties, too.

Law's plans include a smoker for some proper barbecue, and plenty of pickled items and cured meats. But there's more to him than hearty southernness. He spent three years cooking in Barcelona, Avignon, and parts of Germany, and wants to marry his southern background with some favorite European techniques. Ones that complement our Northwest resources. Law is especially excited to preserve local shellfish–think smoked oysters or clams that come in a can or jar. Law's enamored with Barcelona's tapas-style bars that focus on canned seafood...which he admits tastes much better than it sounds.

Bourbon and Bones will have a brown-focused cocktail list, though the bar program is still in development. The space will seat about 40, especially in the summer when the small patio is in play (and hopefully it will be in play for the occasional pig roast or somesuch). Law's hoping for a July open, if the permit gods allow.

Don't worry, Goose fans; he's still planning to spend a little time at Earnhardt's restaurant each week to oversee the savory proceedings. More details on Bourbon and Bones as we have them.