The name may change, but the fried chicken remains the same. Photo by Geoffrey Smith.

Well here’s something that jolted me awake far more effectively than my morning coffee: West Seattle restaurant Spring Hill sent out a release this morning announcing that the highly accoladed restaurant is changing its concept. And its name. As of February 8, Spring Hill Restaurant and Bar becomes Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky.

As the new name suggests, the menu takes more than a few cues from the newly reinstalled fried chicken dinners that chef/owner Mark Fuller offers on Monday nights. The new Ma’ono will serve that same menu seven nights a week, meaning access to the Japanese, Korean, or original recipe chicken may not require a crazy-advance reservation.

While the presser says that the dinner menu “will circle around fried chicken dinners for two or four," the remainder of Ma’onos dishes are Hawaiian-inspired and highly shareable. Fuller has long included these flavors on his menu, but now dishes like saimin noodles and fried chicken musubi hand rolls are at the forefront. No doubt the trip he and wife Marjorie Chang Fuller took to the Aloha State over the holidays included some R and D. Not to worry, the acclaimed burger is still there. And apparently brunch isn’t going anywhere either.

Side note: Dessert looks intruiging. Hello, popcorn ice cream and peanut butter Sriracha pie.

Marjorie Chang Fuller couldn’t be immediately reached for more details on the transition, but this new website has basic details and food pics.