A beacon for fans of the breakfast sandwich.

Skillet Diner serves up a craggy mass of biscuits buoyed by American cheese and house-made guanciale—it’s an Italian bacon taken from the jowls and as succulent as it sounds. The newly minted Spring Hill brunch bar has something similar, only with kassler ham.

I Love New York Deli touts one of the longer morning menus out there. The counter cooks up omelets (a Denver, a veggie, a reuben-inspired one) or slices up meats and squishes them into kaiser rolls. Nook —so tiny!—also options multiple ’wiches, each on a scratch buttermilk biscuit. The one with goat cheese and tomato jam sounds particularly promising. (But note: the restroom is deplorable.)

The Cherry Street coffee houses are reliable stops for anybody on the go. And for sweet teeth eschewing eggs, Volunteer Park Cafe has a deliciously naughty panini slathered with melty Nutella and sliced strawberries. Also worth a mention is their brie and apple baguette drizzled with lavender honey.

Spankin-new Li’l Woody’s swaps bread for a hamburger bun with its all-day egg-bacon-cheese stack, while Geraldine’s Counter, the favorite breakfast boite of Columbia City, piles onto sour batard toothsome bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato, arugula, and (always a bonus) aioli. Another bonus: hash browns. They come on the side.

Every loaf Homegrown slices turns to sandwich gold, and its AM varieties are no exception. Same story with Macrina Bakery. Here you really should shell out the couple bucks for the Zoe’s bacon and ask for extra of the spicy tomato sauce.

Recently a friend visiting from Chicago—a friend who would subsist on breakfast sandwiches were it an option—decided she had found the ultimate in eggy-cheesy goodness at Dahlia Bakery, where the English muffins are housemade. People also go pretty nuts for the fried egg and dungeness crab, topped with avocado and kicky mayo, at Seatown Seabar.

Where else?

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