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Future, meet Seattle. Seattle's already met you, at this sustainable sandwich stop mid-Fremont, and you taste amazing. The next generation of food businesses—what isn't edible (organically so or close to it) can be recycled, composted, or rinsed and reused—is the project of a couple of twentysomething childhood buddies who shined up the old Sonic Boom space with repurposed tables, an open kitchen, and a big chalkboard menu. Best, the sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides listed on that menu burst with more than quality and freshness. They are exuberant assemblages of foods that simply taste perfect together—like a slab of blackened cod with sweet slaw on a panino roll, or a perfect toss of arugula with flank steak, blue cheese, red onion, and honey mustard. Homemade potato chips come with a salt of the day; homemade fries might be parsnip, turnip, and yam. And all the pristine sourcing and blazing creativity come with a heaping side order of what may be this year's most important ingredient: value. It's tough to pay over $12 in here.


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Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
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Child Friendly, Takeout