Poor Lucas Anderson.

The guy is a vegetarian, for crying out loud, and I assigned him to shoot the Seattle stop of Cochon 555, a 10-city event that tasks local chefs with creating dishes using the many bits that make up one 175-pound heritage oinker.

Held on February 20th at the downtown Westin, the Seattle stop pitted five local chefs (John Sundstrom of Lark, Holly Smith of Café Juanita, Rachel Yang of Joule and Revel, Jason Stratton of Spinasse, and Ethan Stowell of Staple & Fancy Mercantile) against each other.

Attendees, along with a panel of judges, cast votes for the chef they felt made the best dishes—last year, Chef Jonathan Sundstrom won first place for his piggy treats. This year the award went to…Jonathan Sundstrom. And so in June, Sundstrom will once again travel to the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen where he’ll compete against winning chefs from each of the cities along the tour. Sundstrom lost out to Washington D.C.’s David Varley in 2010, but we have high hopes for him this time around.

Click on the slideshow for photos of last night’s pig-out.

All photos by totally traumatized photographer Lucas Anderson.

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