Lucy Damkoehler, pastry chef at TASTE at the Seattle Art Museum, spends her days up to her elbows in marshmallow and ganache, crafting whimsical takes on the sweet course: rasberry malted milkshake, “Twisted” s’mores sandwich. Her sugary masterpieces give the paintings next door a run for their aesthetically pleasing money, but It’s exhausting, the whole dessert genius thing, and she is supposed to have Sundays and Mondays off.

But more often than not, work runs into Damkoehler’s Sundays like so much housemade ice cream melting into warm rhubarb pie, and she has to pack all her maxing and relaxing into one measly day. Here’s how she does it.

Last Monday I woke up at 10. At 11 I walked with my boyfriend to Glo’s on Capitol Hill, I live on Capitol Hill. I got the Spanish omelet and some coffee with milk.

Then we hung out and watched afternoon TV for like an hour, then he left for work at about 1, and I took a 45-minute nap.

I got up and took my bike to the bike shop. I use it for commuting and I have it ready for a triathlon that I was thinking about doing. But who knows when that’s happening. Then, I walked to 15th to a store called Take 2 and just browsed. I walked back down to my house around 3, and it was hot! I made a tuna fish sandwich for lunch with lettuce and tomatoes, and then I grabbed my book and sat outside next to my garden. The book I’m reading is Transistor Radio , it’s about a guy getting a sex change….I came back inside and listened to music and read Gourmet magazine, and I watered my garden at around 7.

My boyfriend came home from work, and it was so hot that we decided to go to the movies, we saw Public Enemies. I love any movie with Johnny Depp so I enjoyed it. And of course, we got popcorn, we just didn’t feel like cooking because it was so hot. Oh, I also had an Icee with it. Then, we came home at around 10:30, and we watched Seinfeld. We do it every night, it’s my relaxing show.

Lean what other local chefs do in their down time here.

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