Student Arrested by UW in Sodexo Protests Wins UW Academic Award

While the university police were busy arresting a student protestor, the university handed him a Dean's Medal.

05/20/2011 By Andrew Calkins


Pigskin Perp

Seattle Times reporters Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry, from their book, Scoreboard, Baby, about the thug-riddled 2000 Huskies’ championship-winning football team.



Court Marshal

Lorenzo Romar is shooting to become the first coach in University of Washington history to notch his fifth 25-win season.

11/15/2010 By Matthew Halverson

City Hall

Council to Consider Exempting UW from Parking Tax Increase

The city council will consider exempting large institutions that subsidize transit, like the University of Washington, from an increase in the commercial parking tax.

09/22/2010 By Erica C. Barnett


Can Jake Locker Save Husky Football?

The University of Washington hasn’t had a winning football season in six years, and the last great squad is known more for its criminal activity than for its wins. This season, as fans and alumni clamor for the dismissal of the legendary coach hired to pu

12/27/2008 By Roger Brooks