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Cheap Week Seattle: August 18–24

Riot with the Anarchist Book Fair or head to Long Beach where the skies are ablaze with aerial acrobatics: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Conor Romack August 18, 2014

Long Beach's seaside skies are set ablaze this week with colorful kites for the Washington State International Kite Festival.

Aug 18–24
Washington State International Kite Festival
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and head to Long Beach, where the week-long International Kite Festival has the seaside skies ablaze with colorful aerial acrobats. The annual festival draws famed kite fliers and spectators alike, but we think the picturesque Pacific peninsula setting is reason enough to brave the three-hour drive. Long Beach, WA, free 

Wed, Aug 20
Lena Simon might be the busiest musician in Seattle. She's worked with Mary Lambert, Katie Kate, Tomten, and more, and currently juggles her time co-fronting Pollens, playing bass for La Luz, drumming for Thunderpussy, and her newish solo project Kairos. She brings the wafting dream pop tunes we loved on her self-titled EP to Chop Suey this Wednesday when she plays with electro-babe duo Crater. Chop Suey, $7

Thurs, Aug 21
Monster Movie Double Feature
Get a taste of Halloween this Thursday when University of Washington Bothell students present their research papers and lead a discussion around a screening of two classic horror films: the 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors and Nosferatu. Scared, yet? Lake Forest Park City Hall, free

Sat & Sun, Aug 23 & 24
Seattle Anarchist Book Fair
The sixth annual Seattle Anarchist Book Fair returns to the Vera Project with more small presses and an abundance of radical ideas. Leave your capitalist ideologies behind and join in on discussions and workshops in topics like green anarchy, digital counter-surveillance, and using humor as an anarchist weapon. The Vera Project, free

Sat, Aug 23
Dude Fest
Fremont Outdoor Movies once again celebrates all things The Big Lebowski with the annual Dude Fest. We suggest smuggling in a flask of white Russians. Fremont Outdoor Cinema, $10

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