It's Official

Steak 'n Shake Will Open May 25

The wait is finally over for a Seattle first.

05/20/2016 By Darren Davis

City Hall

The Follow Up to $15: Secured Scheduling

The bottom line in labor's latest fight is more about power than money.

04/25/2016 By Josh Feit

Quote Unquote

Lindy West Is Not Afraid to Be Shrill

"[Being funny] is something that's gendered. People don’t think women are funny, so it’s always satisfying to upend people’s expectations."

04/22/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Defying Gravity

Dan Price's Quick Rise and Quicker Fall

Price became a media darling in April 2015 by raising the minimum wage at Ballard’s Gravity Payments to $70,000—but this May he’s scheduled to answer accusations that he used the company as his “personal piggybank.”

04/22/2016 By Matthew Halverson


Will Donald Trump and His Bullying Win Over Washington Republicans?

His political ascension may be vulgar and unlikely. But even here on the Left Coast it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

04/22/2016 By Matthew Halverson

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Family owned and operated Mexican Restaurant featuring authentic family recipes as well as Tex-Mex combinations. We emphasize a healthy approach including fresh vegetables in many dishes and NO LARD.


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Danni Askini Is About to Mix It Up in Olympia

The head of Seattle’s Gender Justice League is having a Harvey Milk moment.

03/28/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Gone With The Wings

The Gypsy Moth Is Taking Over Capitol Hill

The WA Department of Agriculture is waging all-out war on the hungry little caterpillar this month. The gypsy moth—whose voracious larvae have defoliated whole forests in the Northeast—is gaining a foothold in Capitol Hill. Here’s what they’re up against.

03/28/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Open Letter

Dear Pearl Jam,

Why don't you guys play more Seattle concerts?


Now You Know

Great Moments in Seattle Mom History

Mother's Day is just around the corner.

03/28/2016 By Matthew Halverson


Who’s Watching Seattle's Watchmen?

Homeowners are increasingly hiring Seattle Police officers to beef up security on their streets. But that protection comes at a price.

03/28/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Fast Food

And Now for an Update on Steak 'N Shake Seattle

Not to worry, it's still happening.

03/23/2016 By Allecia Vermillion

10 Years That Changed A City

2015: Real Estate Loses Its Mind

This was the year that the housing affordability gap yawned wide like an angry fault line between socioeconomic strata.

03/10/2016 By Matthew Halverson

10 Years That Changed A City

2014: The Seahawks Win the Super Bowl

For Seattle, the game offered a chance at redemption—not just for the franchise that had lost its only other Super Bowl, but also for the sports community.

03/04/2016 By Matthew Halverson


Slide Show: Childhaven Celebration Luncheon

On March 2, more than 600 attendees gathered with local nonprofit Childhaven to “Imagine” a world without child abuse.



Why Some Seattle Restaurants Are Doing Away with Tipping

To tip or not to tip—is it really a question? The custom is so ingrained in restaurant goers that many of us will typically add at least 20 percent to the bill even if our server forgot that second drink. But its days are numbered.

03/02/2016 By Matthew Halverson


No, We Shouldn’t Kill Daylight Saving Time

Even though it's objectively awful.

02/29/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Morning Fizz

State Budget Proposal Earmarks $1 Million to "Clean Up" the Jungle

Money from Olympia, statements from Highline, endorsements from unions, and a regional proposal.

02/26/2016 By Josh Feit

Quote Unquote

S. Leigh Savidge Has a Death Wish

One of the writers behind ‘Straight Outta Compton’ dishes on Hollywood and hip-hop.

02/26/2016 By Matthew Halverson

The Sporting Life

The Man Behind the Mask

Why it’s good that we never really knew Marshawn Lynch.

02/08/2016 By Matthew Halverson