Snap Judgment

Can King County Afford to Ground Its Search and Rescue Helicopter?

The county flies one of just two such choppers in the state.

11/16/2016 By Matthew Halverson

How I Got Here

Meet the Person Responsible for the Collectible Figures You Can’t Get Away From

“I’m not sure why other companies haven’t copied what we’ve done.”

11/16/2016 By Matthew Halverson

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Seattle's 12th Man Gives Back in the Fight Against Alzheimer's

Seattle's 12th Man Gives Back in the Fight Against Alzheimer's


The Sporting Life

EXCLUSIVE: Unedited First Draft of Chris Hansen's Arena Letter

Read the *totally real and in no way made up* letter declaring his true feelings about privately financing a new home for the Sonics.

10/26/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

WSOS Opportunity Talks Breakfast

In October, the second annual OpportunityTalks Breakfast, benefitting the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS), welcomed more than 800 of our region’s business, education and government leaders.


Trust Exercise

The Psychological Effects of Online Hoaxes Might Actually Be Beneficial

The truth is out there…maybe?

10/20/2016 By Matthew Halverson


The Other Sister

As many as 700,000 adults in the U.S. with a disability like autism live with parents or another family member who is 60 or older. What happens when those caregivers are gone? One sibling confronts her past and likely future.

10/19/2016 By Ciara O'Rourke

Quote Unquote

“I’m a Workaholic and Obsessive, Which I’m Sure Will Shorten My Life”

Joel McHale, author of Thanks for the Money, doesn’t know when to stop.

10/17/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Fred Hutch

In For The Hutch

On October 1, more than 450 passionate people attended the fifth annual IN for the Hutch at Fremont Studios in Seattle



Should You Go to GeekGirlCon?

A helpful flowchart for the event that runs October 8 & 9.

09/21/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Quote Unquote

“I Want to Take a Risk and Make It Crazy and Hope It Holds Together”

Maria Semple won’t hold your hand through her latest book, ‘Today Will Be Different.’

09/19/2016 By Matthew Halverson

The Sporting Life

Devastating Injuries Have Kept the Dangers of High School Football in the Spotlight

A year after two high schoolers suffered devastating injuries playing the game, is it any safer?

09/16/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Hopped Up

Here You Go: A Year's Worth of New Seattle Breweries

Probably there’s one in your neighborhood.

09/15/2016 By Stefan Milne

Shellfish Sadness

Xinh's Clam and Oyster House Is Closing

The Taylor-owned Shelton shellfish destination bows out in October. But Xinh Dwelley's oyster stew and geoduck chowder live on.

09/14/2016 By Allecia Vermillion

Oeno Files

Weekly Wine Pick: Kerloo Cellars Syrah Blue Mountain Vineyard Walla Walla Valley

Ryan Crane's latest syrah drinks like a wine twice its price.

09/13/2016 By Sean P. Sullivan

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Advanced Edibles – Cannabis Infused Gazpacho

The best late summer soup, for any adult dinner party.


Afternoon Jolt

Key Public Testimony Cuts Through Politics of Homelessness Crisis

Council votes to take up ACLU legislation against homeless sweeps.

09/06/2016 By Josh Feit

Countdown to Runway

IDRS 16 Files #2: Be Fearless with Designer Gina Moorhead

The designer's label Gina Marie brings a classic look to the modern world.

09/01/2016 By Amanda Raschkow