We’ve heard a lot about the mudslide that killed 43 people in Oso on March 22, much of it focusing on the victims, the rescue efforts to save them, and the logging practices that contributed to the disaster. Now Nova is weighing in, with Killer Landslides (no sensationalism there), an hour-long documentary that looks at the science behind the slide. Killer Landslides premieres tomorrow night (Wednesday, November 19) at 9 on PBS.

It’s got docudrama staples like reenactments and dramatically lit on-camera interviews with science experts saying science-y things, but first-hand accounts from victims like Amanda Skorjanc (who evidently answered questions from her hospital bed) lend it some immediacy as well.

It could be a tough watch, given that we’re still just a few months removed from the recovery of the last of the missing, but it does help answer some questions about the forces of nature behind mudslides.

Killer Landslides
Nov 19 at 9, KCTS

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