Allecia Vermillion has spent a decade at Seattle Met, arriving as food and drink editor, and expanding her role over the years. She served as the magazine’s editor in chief until moving into a newly created executive editor role in 2021.

She spearheads Seattle Met’s food and drink coverage and oversees home design content. Allecia’s writing has earned her multiple journalism awards and two James Beard Award nominations over the years. A native of Portland, Oregon, Allecia began her writing life as a newspaper reporter in the Chicago suburbs before making a grateful return to the Pacific Northwest. She has an English degree from Washington University (no, the one in St. Louis) and a masters in journalism from Northwestern University. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.

Happy Hour

Dollar Oysters at Pike Street Fish Fry

A new seasonal happy hour offers bivalves big and small.

02/07/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

On the Agenda

Of Dining and Design

Come hear the restaurateurs behind some of the city’s hippest spaces talk shop.

02/03/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Seattle on TV

Will Seattle, in Fact, Host Top Chef?

We’ll know in a few weeks.

02/02/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Behind Bars

Five Questions for the Bartender: Greg West of Hunger

There comes a time in a man’s life when he must defend himself from pantsless drunkards with a soda gun.

02/02/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Coming Attractions

An Opening Date for Skelly and the Bean

This most unusual of restaurants opens officially on February 23.

02/02/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Spring Chicken

More Details on Ma’ono

Marjorie Chang Fuller explains the reason behind the big changes at the Restaurant Formerly Known as Spring Hill.

02/01/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Happy Hour

Anchovies and Olives Amps Up Its Power Hour

Stowell’s signature pasta dish joins forces with $1 oysters.

02/01/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Night Moves

Asian Night Market Coming to South Seattle

Come for the celebrating, the beer garden, and some secretly awesome vegetarian food.

01/31/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


New Name, Concept for Spring Hill

Say hello to Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky.

01/31/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Shift Change

Hey, Cicchetti Has a New Bartender

Tango’s Kate Perry heads to Eastlake’s cocktail and snack spot.

01/30/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Beer Fests

The 70-Odd Glorious Beers of Belgianfest

They’re big. They’re boozy. They taste like biscuits and banana. And now you can enjoy them in more spacious digs.

01/27/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


Tasting Room Test: Hilliard’s Beer

It’s light, it’s lovely, and good beers are just $4.

01/26/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


Katsu Burger’s Mt. Fuji Mega Burger, Deconstructed

Chef Hajime Sato breaks down the Mt. Fuji Mega Burger at his Georgetown restaurant Katsu Burger.

01/26/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Awesome Edible Collaborations

So, Anything Going On February 5?

Don’t miss these great food events just because they fall on Super Bowl Sunday.

01/26/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


That’s Amaro

Mike Easton of Il Corvo works with Capitol Hill’s Oola Distillery to bottle and sell amaro.

01/25/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Weekend Burger Satisfaction

Katsu Burger: Now Open on Saturdays

Enjoying these hefty Japanese sandwiches just got a lot easier.

01/24/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


Met List: Belgian Waffles

Where to go for Belgium’s signature treat.

01/24/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Seattle on TV

Check, Please! NW Hires a Host

Amy Pennington hits your small screen March 8.

01/24/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Shift Change

A New Chef for Canon

Tavern Law’s Andrew Cross takes over, but the buns remain.

01/23/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Still Life

Sound Spirits Takes On Aquavit

Coming soon to Interbay: Scandinavia’s water of life.

01/20/2012 By Allecia Vermillion