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1. A King County judge ruled Monday that I-27, the initiative banning supervised consumption sites, would not be on the ballot come February. I-27 supporters can appeal the decision. King County council members also voted Monday to approve an alternative initiative that will give voters the option of approving sites to accompany I-27 if it does end up on the ballot.

2. U.S. senators Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander announced on Tuesday a basic outline for a bipartisan health care bill. The bill would preserve cost-sharing reduction payments– which help reduce costs for low-income patients– while allowing states more flexibility to amend other requirements. If passed, the bill would also roll back President Donald Trump’s birth control restrictions. The bill still has to go through Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer before it will reach the Senate floor.

3. Earlier this week, the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy, the political arm of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, donated $525,000 to Jenny Durkan's campaign. Amazon, Starbucks, Vulcan Inc., Comcast, and Boeing—along with Mayor Tim Burgess, The Stranger reported—have all backed CASE this year. Cary Moon also donated $35,000 to her own campaign. Durkan’s raised more than $800,000, while Moon raised about $278,000 (half of which comes from her own wealth).

4. Both candidate’s finances were put under a microscope at a mayoral debate Wednesday night. The Seattle Times reported that Moon criticized Durkan for taking corporate money. Durkan pointed out that Moon spent far more of her own money on the campaign and quipped “that if she didn’t spend, it would probably be Nikkita Oliver and I [Durkan] sitting here.”

Oliver, who will be moderating a debate between Moon and Durkan hosted by Seattle Peoples Party on October 29, responded on Twitter.

5. Former Vice President Joe Biden has endorsed Democrat Manka Dhingra in her run for 45th District state Senate seat. Biden, an outspoken critic of Trump, has been endorsing Democrats in races across the country. Dhingra came in 10 percentage points ahead of GOP candidate Jinyoung Lee Englund in the August primary.

6. Other major endorsements this week? Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced his support for Jenny Durkan on Wednesday. Holder worked with Durkan during her five-year term as U.S. attorney for Western Washington. IUOE Local 609, which represents 700 school district employees, endorsed Cary Moon; the union is part of the Martin Luther King County Labor Council, which endorsed Durkan shortly after the primary. 

7. Meanwhile, The Seattle Times editorial board endorsed democratic socialist city council candidate Jon Grant. The endorsement is surprising from the board, which has traditionally endorsed more conservative or centrist candidates, opposed an end to homeless sweeps, and heavily criticized council member Kshama Sawant, who shares many policy positions with Grant. Here is The Stranger's take on why it happened.

8. Republican state senator Dino Rossi and candidate for the Eighth Congressional District has been racked up $578,000 in donations since announcing his bid for next year’s midterm election last month. The Chronicle reported Rossi has raised $300,000 more than any of the Democratic candidates, but the Democratic National Committee believes the party can still win the race, which will be key to taking Democratic control of the House.

9. The Washington State Convention Center will pay $82 million toward community benefits, Mayor Tim Burgess, a community coalition, and the center announced Monday. The agreement allows the expansion of the convention center to move forward while the money will be spent on creating more open space, affordable housing, and better bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

10. Washington’s Secretary of State Kim Wyman wants to move up the presidential primary to the second Monday in March. Wyman told The Daily World in Aberdeen she believes the change will force candidates to consider Washington a critical campaign stop and align the primary with “Super Tuesday.” Wyman said she also wants to remove the requirement that voters declare a party affiliation, a move she hopes will boost turnout.

11. A federal judge in Hawaii has partially blocked president Trump’s third attempt at a travel ban. The judge’s ruling states the ban “lacks sufficient evidence” that allowing entry to six of the eight countries on the ban would be a danger to the U.S. (A ban on North Korea and Venezuela will still go into effect.) The U.S. Department of Justice said it plans to appeal the ruling.

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