This Is Wine Country

The people, places, and bottles of Walla Walla. Plus, a can't-miss fall arts guide, Washington's most iconic inventions, and Top Doctors 2022.

In this issue:

Arts & Culture

Art History

Rehabilitating Uncle SAM

SAM drew on a panel of community advisors, including Wa Na Wari's Inye Wokoma and Jake Prendez of the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, for the reinstallation.

09/19/2022 By Sophie Grossman

A Day in the Life

Punk, Pride, and Pickled Eggs

The day that 'Roe v. Wade' was overturned, four local musicians took to the stage at the Sunset Tavern to open for Biblioteka's album release party.

09/09/2022 By Sophie Grossman

Made in WA

Washington's Music Inventions, Sung and Unsung

Our state's place in music history is often reduced to grunge. But the electric guitar, vinyl, and the whammy bar were all invented in Washington.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Sophie Grossman


Fall Arts Field Guide

Shows at the Crocodile and the Moore Theatre, dancing at Century Ballroom, browsing and bagels at Third Place Books—fall is packed with things to do.

08/22/2022 By Sophie Grossman

On View

Reckless Spirits Premieres at Local Sightings Film Fest

The short from Seattle director Vee Hua, which follows the metaphysical misadventures of two friends, screens at the Northwest Film Forum's fall festival.

08/19/2022 By Ann Karneus

Eat & Drink

Made in WA

The Greatest Thing Since Fresh Bread

Kwik Lok invented the humble bread clip that’s kept food fresh for six decades. Then a new generation invented it all over again.

08/23/2022 By Allecia Vermillion

Made in WA

6 Foods Created Right Here in Washington

Cinnabon, Dutch babies, and the Cosmic Crisp apple are just a few of the inventions we can claim.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Allecia Vermillion

Field Notes

At Kricket Club, Nostalgic Indian Food Gets Fancy

Preeti Agarwal's follow-up to Meesha unstacks a nostalgic take on Indian food, with dishes like gilafi kebab and saag paneer.

08/15/2022 By Allecia Vermillion

Health & Wellness

Made in WA

Broad Strokes

The former CEO of Optiva died earlier this year. But not before revolutionizing oral hygiene.

08/23/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Made in WA

12 of Washington's Most Vital Medical Inventions

The Scribner shunt, Seattle Foot, and direct current defibrillator are just a few of the health essentials created in this state.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Angela Cabotaje and Seattle Met Staff

Home & Real Estate


Begone, Bad '90s Remodel

Built without a foyer, this classic Seattle home is now flush with storage cabinets that hide shoes, coats, and other trappings of modern life.

08/26/2022 By Allecia Vermillion

News & City Life


Why Can't Washington Find More Dinosaur Fossils?

A decade ago, the state dug up a femur fragment of the "Suciasaurus." It hasn't found any fossilized dinosaur remains since.

09/20/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach


Japantown Was Due for a Landmark

The tiny neighborhood, part of the larger Chinatown—International District, upholds the legacy of its Japanese American residents at every turn.

09/09/2022 By Allecia Vermillion

Group Chat

What Time Should Seattle School Days Start?

Three clock-minders weigh sleep science, equity, and a bus driver shortage after Seattle Public Schools shelves a time change proposal.

08/30/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Made in WA

Washington’s 60 Most Timeless Inventions

The World’s Fair put Seattle's ingenuity on the map six decades ago. But before and since, our quirky and vital innovations have endured.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Seattle Met Staff

Made in WA

The Toys “R” Hers

Helen Malsed of Magnolia invented the Slinky Dog and Snap-Lock Beads.

08/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Made in WA

Who Gets to Invent?

A pro bono program at the University of Washington opens up the patent application process to everyone.

08/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Made in WA

A Suite of Seattle Tech's Ubiquitous Products

The HQ of Amazon and Microsoft can claim Windows, Kindle, and Xbox, among other inventions.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Seattle Met Staff

Made in WA

6 Washington Ideas That Went National

From the $15 minimum wage to the modern shopping mall, we haven't been afraid to test our theories.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Seattle Met Staff

Made in WA

11 Games, Toys, and Tools Invented in Washington

Pickleball, Pictionary, and Magic: The Gathering all started here.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Seattle Met Staff


The Twisted Life of Clippy

In the ’90s, Microsoft created a cartoon paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.

08/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy


Everybody Hates Seattle

Critiquing Seattle is Seattle's favorite pastime, evidenced by Twitter account Angry Seattle. But don't call it complaining.

08/22/2022 By Zoe Sayler

Quote Unquote

Avery Barnes Brings African Style to Pioneer Square

A city program, Seattle Restored, helped the young entrepreneur make an African streetwear boutique and community space a reality.

08/15/2022 By Allison Williams

Nightlife Orbs

Sapphic Seattle Is Reinventing the Lesbian Bar

The Wildrose in Capitol Hill is Seattle's one and only lesbian bar—but these popup parties and club nights for queer femmes are filling the void.

08/09/2022 By Sophie Grossman


Lou Graham, Seattle's Misunderstood Madam

Is everything we know about one of Seattle’s most notorious historical figures true, or just the masterful storytelling of one garrulous newspaperman?

08/09/2022 By Hanna Brooks Olsen


Cricket’s Up to Bat in Seattle

Seattle’s next major sport has already arrived. Can the local ambassadors of a T20 minor league team get a misunderstood game off the ground?

07/26/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy Photography by Mike Kane

Style & Shopping


Timeline: 125 Years of Filson

The Seattle-founded workwear company famous for the Mackinaw Cruiser shirt celebrates its 125th anniversary this year.

08/29/2022 By Zoe Sayler

Made in WA

Eddie Bauer's Original Down Jacket Is More Than Just a Puff Piece

How one outdoorsman's near-death experience on the Olympic Peninsula spawned Seattle's favorite winter coat.

08/23/2022 By Zoe Sayler


Dan McLean Is Seattle’s Favorite Bootlegger

Thrifted purses revived with designer emblems, sweats made from fabric scraps—sustainable fashion has never looked so cool.

07/29/2022 By Zoe Sayler

Travel & Outdoors

Made in WA

Shane Chen's Forward Motion

Copycats haven’t stopped Shane Chen of Camas, Washington from continuing to change the way the world gets around. 

08/23/2022 By Benjamin Cassidy

Made in WA

Washington's Travel Innovations

From Boeing planes to the salmon cannon, the state has invented some unparalleled modes of transport.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Benjamin Cassidy and Allison Williams

Made in WA

Outdoor Gear Invented in Washington

Seattle's obsession with hiking, camping, and all things outdoors is patented, from water skis to the Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Zoe Sayler and Allison Williams

Take Off

What's New at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Air travel is back, somehow both more glorious and frustrating than ever. Here's the best of the new shopping and dining in the terminal.

08/22/2022 By Allison Williams