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Reckless Spirits Premieres at Local Sightings Film Fest

The short from Seattle director Vee Hua is Broad City meets the metaphysical realm.

By Ann Karneus August 19, 2022

Filmmaker Vee Hua is a believer in the supernatural. 

Director Vee Hua has long been interested in spiritual encounters; once, in a waking dream of sorts, they received what they characterize as an otherworldly missive to become a filmmaker, despite not “doing anything even remotely related to film” at the time.

Their latest work, Reckless Spirits, follows best friends Syd (Vico Ortiz) and Yvette (Dawn Anderson) as they stumble upon a cult ritual and test the boundaries of reality. Hua and co-writer Lisa Sanaye Dring wanted to create a story starring people of color that “isn’t just trauma oriented.”

Ortiz and Anderson’s theatrical exuberance—exaggerated, goofy expressions and dramatic intonations—keeps the tenor of the 12-minute and 45-second film light, even in the face of uncanny circumstances. By taking normal and “pushing it a little bit to an extreme,” Hua achieves a hyperreal effect. Reckless Spirits, which Hua hopes to eventually turn into a feature-length film, premieres at the Northwest Film Forum’s Local Sightings Film Festival in September.

Best friends Syd and Yvette have comic and cosmic misadventures in Reckless Spirits.

The Log Line

A gender-fluid Latine performance artist and a neurotic Asian American therapist are led by a series of uncanny circumstances into a world of chakras, spirits, and a fanatic cult leader.

—Vee Hua

Reckless Spirits
September 16–25, Local Sightings Film Festival

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