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Best Bars <p><a href="../../../eat-and-drink/articles/0509-best-bars/">Our Smart Drinker&rsquo;s Guide</a> to Seattle tells you where to go, who to know, and what to get: Here&rsquo;s the lowdown on the city&rsquo;s 25 best bars <em>right now</em>, and there&rsquo;s a whole new deal at <a href="../../../eat-and-drink/articles/0509-happy-hour-guide/">happy hour</a>. Plus: A profile of <a href="../../../issues/archives/articles/0509-cats-feral/">crusading cat lovers</a> wanting to make the city safe for strays&mdash;and make feral cats safe for the city; and an all-inclusive, all-natural, all-over <a href="../../../style-and-shopping/articles/05-09-feel-great-now-spas/">guide</a> to destressing, detoxifying, and retuning in the midst of a downturn, whether you crave a quick grooming fix or a sound investment in relief and relaxation.</p>

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Arts & Culture


The Sundance Kid

Seattle director Lynn Shelton outgunned the doubters at Robert Redford’s film festival, Sundance. Now she’s bringing her third feature, Humpday, to her hometown as part of the Seattle International Film Festival.



Fab Frolics

Photographs from Seattle fundraisers and benefits, including: Twenty Twenty Revue; Grace Notes; Sixth Annual Steps to Healing Auction; Thrive!; Wish Night Gala and Auction; Talk of the Town Gala Dinner Parties; Lifelong AIDS Alliance Black Tie Bingo; JDRF


Passing Through

Munchkin for Life

Oz veteran Margaret Pelligrini, the youngest remaining munchkin from the 1939 movie classic The Wizard of Oz, lands in the Emerald City.

04/23/2009 By Steve Wiecking


The Not-So-Final Frontier

An interview with science-fiction writer Vonda N. McIntyre, whose 1986 novel Enterprise: The First Adventure, provided the backstory to the new movie Star Trek.


True Crime

Last Comic Landing

D. B. Cooper, Seattle’s most famous criminal, may have taken his cues from an obscure French comic book: Dan Cooper, about a Canadian Air Force test pilot.


On the Town

Puppet People

An exhibit at the Frye Art Museum includes notables like Nathalie Djurberg, William Kentridge, and Dennis Oppenheim. Sculptures, videos, and photographs examine themes of manipulation and control through puppetry.

04/22/2009 By Christopher Werner


Till Disrespect Do Us Part

Seattle couples therapist John Gottman predicts marriage futures and spells out the four ways to burst the bubble of marital bliss.

04/22/2009 By Kathryn Robinson

Eat & Drink


Olé for May

A list of six restaurants and bars that serve delicious Mexican food and drink.



Hello Sushi

One of the newest restaurants to flank Ballard Avenue, Moshi Moshi Sushi titillates with traditional takes on Japanese food and and cocktails worthy of a cult following.

04/22/2009 By Kathryn Robinson


Rhubarb Rocks

Rhubarb rocks the tongue with its tartness, but you can make it more perky than punchy with this recipe for coffee cake with orange-rhubarb compote.

04/22/2009 By Jess Thomson


Happy Hour Guide

Twenty-plus high-value happy hours#8212;wine, cocktails, noshes, and all-hours hangouts#8212 where you can snack and sip the best for less and longer.

04/22/2009 By James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, and Christopher Werner


Best Bars

Where to go, who to know, what to order (HINT: It’s all about classic cocktails). Seattle Met has the lowdown on the city’s 25 best bars right now. Plus, there’s a whole new deal at happy hour

04/21/2009 By James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, and Christopher Werner

Editor's Note


A Note from the Editor

Katherine Koberg introduces artistic director Benjamen Purvis and introduces "The Smart Drinker’s Guide to Seattle" and "Feel Good Now!"", a guide to Seattle’s best spas for retuning and relaxing.

04/23/2009 By Katherine Koberg

Health & Wellness


Feel Great Now!

Destress, detoxify, and retune at some of Seattle’s finest spas. We select the best body scrubs, massages, facials, and all-natural treatments.

04/21/2009 With Steve Wiecking, Matthew Halverson, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Katie Zipper, Jill Watanabe, Katie Cornell, and Andrew Matson By Laura Cassidy

Home & Real Estate


This Room for Rent

If you’re looking for help paying your mortgage, take on a tenant to offset the costs.

04/23/2009 By Matthew Halverson



Mail from the Metro

The Seattle community writes in with their thoughts and opinions on our coverage.


News & City Life

Constituent Advisory: Mayoral Lyrics

Spokane’s Rapping Mayor

Spokane mayor Mary Verner shares lyrics from “Coming Together,” which she wrote and performed.


Market Research

Operation Spend

Washington State will receive $787 billion as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Senator Patty Murray says the state will spend nearly $150 million of that booty in the name of defense. Here, Murray’s breakdown of where more than $80 mill



The First Annual 404 Error Awards

Every year the Seattle 2.0 Awards honors tech-industry mavericks. Here, some suggested additions for who else should win top honors.

04/23/2009 By Matthew Halverson

The Election

Nickels Reelection Watch

Seven separate snowstorms besieged Seattle last December, and despite the fact that icy roads went unsalted, dozens of bus routes were canceled, and snowplows sat idle, Mayor Greg Nickels awarded his agencies a "B" for their performance. Will



He Did It His Way

Washington’s lieutenant governor Brad Owen has battled irrelevance and his fellow Democrats’ scorn for years. Now he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

04/22/2009 By Matthew Halverson


Xponential Equation

Luke Timmerman and Gregory T. Huang’s innovative site reinvents tech-biz journalism by covering the business of innovation.

04/22/2009 By Eric Scigliano


Trap. Neuter. Return.

Crusading cat lovers Vicki Farretta and Janis Newman want to make the city safe for strays—and make feral cats safe for the city. Disciples of TNR (short for Trap, Neuter, Return), they neuter, vaccinate, treat, and, if possible, find loving homes for fer

04/21/2009 By Eric Scigliano

Style & Shopping


Baby Steps

Shops whose cute, well-made shoes ensure kids are headed in the right direction.

04/23/2009 By Laura Cassidy


Diggable Plants

Exotic houseplants, locally made pots, eco-chic designer accessories: Whether you’re all thumbs or green thumbs, these five plant shops will grow on you.

04/22/2009 By Katie Zipper

Travel & Outdoors


Man vs. Mild

A lazy guy’s travel guide to recreation and relaxation along the Columbia River.

04/23/2009 By Jim Gullo


The Longest Mile

With courses sometimes as long as 100 miles, you gotta be a fanatical runner—or crazy—to run an ultramarathon. Seattle’s Scott Jurek is a little bit of both. But he's already ahead of what's becoming a huge trend.

04/22/2009 By Sean Leslie

Web Exclusives

Web exclusive

Four Questions For… Jan Fabre

Belgian maverick Jan Fabre, a choreographer, playwright, director, and designer, has been shocking audiences for nearly four decades. Now he’s touring internationally with his stage company Troubelyn for the theater and dance amalgam Orgy of Toleran

04/24/2009 By Christopher Werner