Constituent Advisory: Mayoral Lyrics

Spokane’s Rapping Mayor

From “Coming Together,” hip-hop lyrics written and performed by Spokane mayor Mary Verner

April 23, 2009 Published in the May 2009 issue of Seattle Met

Indian nations living by the river / feeding on salmon with our dignity / In comes iron pony Yankee wearing macaroni / in a hundred years we’re a big city
I said in 100 years we’ve grown from a tribe / to a vast and burgeoning metropolis. / Sometimes it’s kind of rough, even barely alive / but there’s no way anyone can topple this….
All people are respected and given a voice / so being the city’s mayor was a matter of choice / and I chose to serve the people that I represent / from 57th to Highway 2, Doomsday Hill out to Trent.

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