Balls of Fury

At Underdog Sports Leagues’ dodgeball matches—a throwback to elementary school playground games—it’s bean or be beaned. The more than 500 dodgeballers playing on Underdog teams follow one simple rule: Dodge the ball.

06/23/2009 By Sean Leslie


The Longest Mile

With courses sometimes as long as 100 miles, you gotta be a fanatical runner—or crazy—to run an ultramarathon. Seattle’s Scott Jurek is a little bit of both. But he's already ahead of what's becoming a huge trend.

04/22/2009 By Sean Leslie


No Known Cure

A Grey’s Anatomy addict confesses more than just a love of the show.

12/29/2008 By Sean Leslie


They Like It Rough

Need an elbow to the jaw and a friendly pat on the back? Try rugby.

12/27/2008 By Sean Leslie