Urban transplants: Copper Vine’s got greenery to go.

Green to Go

The Copper Vine packs a lot into a little space: Palm varieties crowd the bright windows, sun-shy aspidistra plants flourish in dark corners. The hip Capitol Hillster clients who oxygenate and decorate their homes and condos here don’t even have to lug bags of soil up and down Pine Street. Owner Kim Hightower repots their picks for them—in locally hand-thrown vessels by Snohomish’s Bruning Pottery—and even delivers to fourth-floor walk-ups. The Copper Vine, 1315 E Pine St, Capitol Hill, 206-323-0770; www.thecoppervine.com

True Colors

Foliage freaks from all over Seattle count City People’s Garden Store among their trusted sources for both indoor and outdoor vegetation, but the shop’s foolproof, color-coded light requirement guide means even newbies navigate the urban wilderness like master gardeners. A yellow sticker means the bloom in question needs direct sunlight, while a gold star indicates the specimen is virtually wither-proof. When all else fails, staff picks provide a road map to grow on. City People’s Garden Store, 2939 E Madison St, Central Area, 206-324-0737; www.citypeoples.com

Warming Trend

Do West Seattleites secretly desire the desert? According to Ingrid Nokes, a gift buyer at West Seattle Nursery, nursery regulars wait on the edge of their garden benches for shipments of cacti and succulents from Fleetfoot and Foulweather in Oregon. “We’ll get eight or nine flats, and they sell out in a couple weeks,” says Nokes. If you miss the delivery, you can still evoke unfamiliar landscapes with exotic yet acclimatable houseplants like jasmine, pineapple, and orchids. West Seattle Nursery, 5275 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-935-9276; www.westseattlenursery.com

Plant Kingdoms

At Ballard’s Palm Room, plants are must-have designer accessories for the eco-chic. Inside a lush environment that blends industrial cool with woodland quietude, there’s a totally organic update available on every stone pedestal and in each cavelike nook. Go for a statement piece; a giant, bird’s nest fern or tiny, green marimo (rare, ball-shaped algae harvested in Japan and Iceland), or some uniquely beautiful bling by way of chem-lab beaker terrariums created by resident green thumb Lisa Haglund. The Palm Room, 5336 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard, 206-782-7256; www.thepalmroom.com

A Jungle in There

Located in a former auto-detailing shop, Urbanweeds (closed) caters to city-dwelling greenies who embrace both form and function. Dress up a balcony with a mod bird feeder, a chic ceramic orb planter, or a superslick self-watering flowerpot by Eva Solo. Or, you might really go for broke and start your own micro victory garden with herbs and salad greens that adapt easily to growing in containers. The Urbanweeds staff will talk you through all your home agriculture concerns. Urbanweeds, 4302 Fremont Ave N, Fremont, 206-632-7680; www.urbanweeds.com

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